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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Told You So!

Years Ago We Should Have been Doing This.

Back in 2009 we were, behind the scenes, doing this, as I said at the time. I am astounded that only today a bunch of our stable door guardians happen to mention the bleeding obvious. Even then they have to pretend the military invasion mission has been a success. Albeit many of us are aware that it is an historical repetition going back a century or more.

We are, to all intents and purposes, as defeated as were the Russians. It brought about the end of The USSR and has plunged we and the West into an economic chasm. One it will be hard to ever recover from. Of course to the arms dealers, drug lords and the whole orchestra of interested parties, their hides are well padded with corruptly obtained wads of cash to tide them over.

Karzai will be on the first flight fleeing this debacle, just you see. No doubt with millions tucked away in Swiss accounts. His "army" will strip off their western uniforms and don Taliban garb overnight. It's a given. Our hushed propaganda will be geared up to not mention this blighted land any time soon. The Taliban will have Al Qaeda ensconced in a mater of days.

The losses in lives, equipment and limbs, let alone the debt mountains, will be quietly placed in the bins, already prepared, to consign yet another egotistical, greedy expedition into folly and war for the benefit of arms dealers and bankers. Like Iraq, Afghanistan has been little more than a method of plundering our taxes and our morals. 

As we face another bitter defeat, for all sorts of reasons, we should spare a thought for the retribution which will be meted out by a victorious Taliban. It will mirror the hardships and deprivation suffered by the South Vietnamese. You see, we just never learn just expand our ignorant interventions from locally based to global. It's the corporate way. Everything has to be "global", especially conflict.


  1. Blairs invasion of Afghanistan was indeed a complete waste of time and money (and blood) but our Armed Forces did a far better job and got nothing like the drubbing of their Soviet counterparts.

    I would take issue on your comment that the 4th Afghan War "has plunged we and the West into an economic chasm"; money is just money and it makes no difference if it wasted on foreign interventions or failed social services.

    Your comments about Karsai are spot on. Likewise his so-called army, police force and government of drug lords, war criminals and rapists.

  2. That idiot Hague is in the news today saying 'we' must support the Syrian opposition, the same 'opposition' who have given their allegiance to Al-Qaeda and yes morans like him never learn.

  3. Did anyone in Government etc. read up on General William Nott in 1842? Never mind the later Roberts. It is all there to see. And it was available, Sir John Nott, his direct descendent had all the information to hand.