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Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Truth Hurts Socialists So Much.

Such Childish And Immature Imbeciles.

I wrote about Phillpot and welfare manipulation on Tuesday and a day later it is blazed across the Mail and then TV. Georgie pitched in today. Then Owen "Juvenile" Jones is trotted out to tell us, as did Testicles Ed, that every single trailer trash, Labour nurtured underclass, in their millions, don't exist.

The socialist fear, of course, is it their creation, this "client" culture of dependency, created by a State interested only in their cross on a ballot paper, might realise their "Labour Party" is complicit in the development of malleable stupidity and nastiness. To that end we get mass immigration, zero skills in the workforce and a Civil Service incompetent and reflective of the claimants they are supposed to support.

This same Civil Service which ruins all it touches. Meteorology, the NHS overburdened as a client service to the world at large and a Labour Party, rich beyond measure, Front Bench, interested only in power for its own sake and at any price. This ever growing, nasty, drug addled, underclass fuelled by state benefits is not a tiny number. Its untold thousands. So many, indeed, Labour are terrified at losing those votes in exchange for discipline, incentive and education.

For that weasley little runt, Owen Jones, to be permitted airtime is part of the effrontery we all have to endure in a world which now only sees a Nation's people as votes, nothing more. Cannon fodder to the powerful and the ugly. That the underclass emulate their peers is no coincidence.



  1. I can't stand this shouty leftie who is never off the Beeb, he reminds me of our pathetic judges in that they are well educated but not very intelligent and have no common sense whatsoever. He'll be a Labour MP before we know it. He's a joke and known as "Owen Jones LOL" on the web.

  2. OR nuLabor under B-Liar and the Fruitcake fae Kirkcaldy trashed this country in their attempts to establish their thousand year reich.
    We unfortunately have to live amongst the ruins whilst they swan off to enjoy their plunder.

  3. We are in a race to the bottom. The system has been skewed so that soon, the have-nots' will outnumber the haves'.

    The Socialists will go on pandering to the lowest common denominator until the lenders will stop lending. That's when the printing presses will be turned on full. Print, print print! We will end up like a Euro-Zimbabwe, all to keep the masses happy.

    The establishment know that the bread and circuses have to be paid for and the FREE money machine going. So long as they have power, who cares what happens to people's business, savings, pensions and investments.

    It really is a me, myself and I style of so called democracy we live in. Were personal responsibility and freedom matter little, so long as we got what we want.

    When we finally come in for that 'reality-landing' a awful lot of people are going to suffer, except TPTB.

  4. That "client culture" is fostered by big business, Old Rightie. (If only the Left would cotton on to that).

    Big business has purchased the political system in the country - at least the party system.

    Laws are written by and for the corporates - in return for campaign contributions, etc. - which screws the competition.

    Mass immigration is a corporate wet dream - it drives down wages in the host country, while supplying an ever-increasing number of consumers.

    In the NHS's case, Big Pharma has a massive stake in unlimited new "customers".

  5. A small positive - the idle benefit scroungers are less likely to vote at all, being unable to drag themselves away from their flat screens.