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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Ignorance Of The Left.

In Full, Envy Driven Flow.

Life is rarely easy. In the massive and unimaginable tide of human existence and affairs, there are always winners and losers. Given the billions inhabiting the Planet, the majority will always be poor and disadvantaged, more than the wealthier, luckier or plain better bred and born. However much the Left and their unrealistic dogma and plain stupidity, wring their anguished hands, nothing will ever really change.

All they can hope for and therefore rail against, are those who's lives have been hard and difficult but who always kept an eye on their eventual old age and dotage. For my generation, mobile phones, gormless celebrity culture, copy cat life styles of excess, booze and drugs, was confined to the rich kids and gangsters.  We were too busy rebuilding a post war, wrecked country.

We also knew that home ownership was a way to secure a better life, as we aged and our faculties waned. To that end, we struggled to save, didn't own "stuff" and few of us, certainly in our teens, could afford cars. Nor, more importantly, did we expect others to provide us with a good life and "fun", regardless of how it was to be paid for. The sense of entitlement so prevalent in modern life just did not exist.

Then the Left decided there were votes to be got through mass immigration, power to be had through developing a chip on the shoulder sense of "it's all right for some", trade union backed, resentful nurturing of dissatisfaction. It was all about a class war which really didn't exist to the extent Labour and the Left wished it to be regarded. How it's all changing.

We are now  morphing into a Bureaucratic, nightmare dictatorship. One where any cause or divisive target is fair game if it promotes the State over the individual. Sadly for these people the older and more successful generation is in the way. So they come up with this crass rubbish. An article for which, as a blogger, I must overcome my sense of speechlessness. Here goes.

I was born into a working class, poverty touched family. Through a mixture of very hard work, luck and a sense of belief in moral and decent values, I became relatively well off. Like hundreds of thousands of my generation it was never easy. Yet fortitude, common sense and an awareness of the shortness of life, enables me to have a beautiful home, wife and life style, in my less young years. 

Still one where I have to make sacrifices to maintain. One where I have to choose between instant and transient pleasures, such as luxury holidays and more lasting enjoyment in a home in which a large part of my disposable income is invested. For more fortunate people such choices don't exist and they are able to "have it all." Am I envious? Do I demand all should enjoy such good fortune? Of course not. It's just the way life is.

So when the infantile and jealous Lefties start mouthing of the pathetic and puerile nonsense so beloved of their BBC cohorts, I do get very angry. Remember these are the very same bunch who never criticise their own Dimbleby, Kinnock and Bliar dynasties. People every bit as part of the inherited wealth classes their dogma looks to drive into the ground, at every opportunity. 

The failure of their approach to life is so riddled with hypocrisy they just cannot fathom why we have such huge tranches of sink estate, underclass ghettoes. The idea that people should seek their own place in life as they see fit is beyond their ridiculous, statist belief that only their Orwellian vision for humanity is the true path. 

If these moronic children of Socialism were to have a peek at not only Stalin's experiments with their ideals but North Korea's own version, would they even see how much their stupidity really is? One thing is for sure, if they did stop and consider, for a moment, the bedrock of a successful society, as pebbled with my generation's self reliant foundations, they might just give the us time to enjoy the fruits of our labours. Not have them stolen to fuel ideals for which the instigators have no intention of sharing, only imposing, on others.

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  1. Excellent article - I totally agree with what you say here.

    Having been a leftie for much of my life, the unfortunate demise of Mrs Thatcher has given me some much needed and new insight. If you would care to take a look at a forum on the website "Your Say Pays", you will see a particular vile and nasty strain of the moronic socialist fringe you speak of carrying on a debate under the heading "Personal Comment". It is this I have to thank for showing me the light.