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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Crash Of Slammed Stable Doors.

All Over The World.

It would seem this course of action is now de rigeur for the Common Purpose, ruling classes. Let us begin with the belated and overdue criticism by MPs of this lot of charlatan, mega rich wastrels of our hard earned. Regardless of any approbation, they are all "laughing all the way to the.... ....". Some irony in that.

We can observe the UN and US policy on North Korea in a similar vein. The failure to pressure that regime into collapse has been a woeful release of an awful lot of corralled wild horse, has that. I suspect not enough economic gain to be had and the political stakes less of a concern. Especially as China owns much of that ground as The Germans do Europe.

We can also look at the legions of empty stables within the UK's once immaculate yards. The HBOS blokes had a significant amount of help from the erstwhile master of the Hunt stables, Snotty Brown. He and his lot really were masters of shutting empty stables.

Which brings us onto Labours' welfare and immigration wars on its own working, now underclass, voters. In the rush to open up every possible route into the UK benefit system, NHS and overall largesse with other peoples' money and tax extraction wealth, these ED Balls circus clowns, together with the residue of Bliar and Kiddyfiddler Mandy's less than benign influence, not only are the stables emptied of any decency  they are full to the brim with excrement.

Unfortunately these mountains of debt filled but devoid of livestock, horse shelters left by Labour are of no use whatsoever. It is taking years to clean the mess left behind. When we do dig deep enough we stumble across many bits of evidence of a damning nature. All of it then gets recovered and forgotten. Much of the manure is to be found smelling not very sweetly in The House Of Lords. Especially on but not only, the Labour benches.

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  1. Yet again, OR, not so much a comment as an Amen and a thank-you for your continuing clarity of thought and expression. I wish I were able to write as powerfully and passionately as you - as it is, I pass on your link to everyone I know!

    God bless you and Mrs OR.