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Sunday, 21 April 2013

The BBC Legacy.

A University For Paedophile Professors. 

Whatever else comes out about our Didgereedoo, he'll being doing that singing above, once more. What is yet to be determined is if any of the characters being paraded over the BBC culture of arrogant bullying of children, will come clean.

It is an unsavoury list but as yet a seemingly aged and retired bunch with little impact on the real villains. By that I mean the likes of those happy to sweep such unpleasantness under the  carpet. The present cleaner in charge being Patten.

However, in the corridors of power there has to be a core Brigade tasked with hushing up Snotty Brown's and others nocturnal excursions. The very nature of the perverted world of power and paedophilia attracting cliques, is the nastiness that all control freakery and abuse craves. It is so strong a link between those involved its power is consuming. 

We can but hope that a figure that towers over them all is soon unmasked. For until a really big giant of a figure is unmasked, those coming forward face a very uncertain outcome. Once abused by such people either terror or implicitness generally hold sway. How this can be broken, only time will tell. 


  1. er, so you have evidence then of Rolf and the others? Surely you must if you're willing to broadcast the innuendo? Perhaps you're camoflaigng your own peccadillos? Who can say? You have the luxury of annonimity don't you?

  2. "Whatever else comes out about our Didgereedoo", ergo whatever else could be complete exoneration. However, Savile has several hundred accusers plus video evidence.

    As for my interest in such people, I lost a daughter to a dreadful and tragic death at the hands of an abuser.

    Clever, nasty and well practised at turning opinion to their whims and requirements. Such as you appear to intend.