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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Age Of Scam The People.

So Many Ways It's Done.

So for starters,  I offer a few of them;

VAT on top of fuel duty levy.

EU Central Bank appropriations committee taking depositors money.

EU VAT laws.

EU failure to sign off on their budget due corruption but still take our money.

Political Party manifestos. Scam bibles, in reality.

Taxation in general, fiscal drag in particular.

Printing money.

Betting scams particularly in football.

Paedophile rings at the top of Government and The Civil Service.

The Civil Service. One massive scam.

The Labour Party mass immigration policy.


The biggest con brodcaster on the plant and peado HQ, The BBC.


Just a small sample from our modern world. 


  1. Add the NHS. We're taxed to pay for it, yet in later life when many need treatment in very many cases it will not be provided due to age discrimination (really state sanctioned euthanasia).

  2. Anon, I suspect I may have become a victim of this NHS age discrimination. Time will tell soon enough.