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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sudden Rush Of Blood.

Lead By Example Or F**K Off.

Just when you think somebody has a smidgeon of a clue in the corridors of power they fart. This utter and ridiculous statement beggars belief. First of all, these benefits are just bribes. Secondly, they have been earnt and are poor returns on the tax pissed up the wall by successive Governments.

These "wealthy pensioners" are people who have sacrificed luxuries and led tortured, tough, days, months and years of penury, to be "rich" in their later years. You, Mr Ever Louder Quiet Man, have suddenly embraced your own self importance. Forgotten the debt this country and its politicians and civil servant teat suckers owe the tax payers and aspirational generations, who funded the State, over decades of declining standards and vote rigging expenditure.

Your surprisingly successful rapport with the middle class funders of Labour and now your struggling Cobbleition, over work should pay, skiving be questioned, has gone to your rather superior head. My contribution to charity exceeds beyond some degree, the fuel allowance. A payment which barely buys a bottle of good wine in the boardrooms of the energy fat cats. Or, for that manner, The HoC dining halls of splendour. 

So here's a thought. Every member of  The Cabinet, with private income or wealth in excess of their Cabinet salary, expense allowances and luxury, tax payer, funded limousines, forfeit a year's income. That would be your Wife's wealthy inheritance to be counted. Jeremy Hunt's private health care bungs, Cameron's aristocratic fortune, Clegg's Euro millions and so on.

Now when you multi-millionaires, busy telling me what to do, as I face flogging my home to fund care in my dotage, despite funding millions of immigrant supplicants who have paid sod all, show me a real sacrifice of your good fortune and comfortable dotage expectation, I might just give you a nod.

As it is, your smug, easy life coast through time and mortality can piss off. You, Mr Duncan, soon to become Lord, Smith, can put away my sack cloth and wear your own. Until you and your ilk do, shut the whatever up. You only pay universal benefits to buy votes. That's a waste of money because there is no way you will get back in in 2015. You need a leader, for a start.


  1. I'm a Tory voter - but I'm also a pensioner and I totally agree with you!

  2. I used to be as Tory voter. I am a pensioner who doesn't really need all these extras. I agree with you.

  3. Very well said, O.R. As a pensioner myself, as is the Mrs, we have worked long and hard for this - 'give it back'? Not while these parasites are in charge!

    Dianne Abbott, for instance - 'My tax bill for 2012 was zero' ...

    We get the government we deserve, or so the saying goes; we must have been pretty damned wicked!

    Thank again and keep up your excellent work!


  4. My bus pass is often useful as an ID thing. But alas not for buses as we do not have a service.

  5. Thank you one and all. As for bus passes, I wonder how big the departments are that run this nonsensical benefit? Probably costing millions to administer.

  6. Good for the goose and all that, can we now expect to see those MPs who are independently wealthy not taking wages and expenses, after all, they don't need them, do they?