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Saturday, 20 April 2013

One Yawning Stable Door.

What A Shambles We have Become.

Bloggers  wondered from the very beginning why NATO seemingly totally ignored the USSR venture and its ill fated outcome. One instrumental in bringing down The USSR. Like all playground warriors and gullible innocents, our crowd of kids in power knew better. Not withstanding most, if not all, of Labours' Cabinet were and remain as mad as a box of frogs.

Not that The Boy and his Cobbleition are much better. Slaves to preening vanity and puppets of their Mandarin class, the appalling level of stupidity continues. Billions wasted, Karzai soon to "retire" to a tax haven with much of the money squandered, together with more bodyguards than even Bliar. I dread to think what equipment and munitions. plus trained soldiers and police, will be bequeathed the Taliban. it will be significant.

What savings we may expect to achieve with this defeat and exit will, no doubt, be taken by The EU to bolster their empty coffers. largesse and profligacy every bit as ridiculous as that garnered by African despots and Karzai sycophants. The one big mystery is how the governing moronic idiots fail to understand why they are so reviled. Were they to have some form of normality attached to their skulls, many of the horrors of present day politics would be assuaged. Fat chance, of course, too lucrative.


  1. Today that idiot Kerry is giving another $120 million to Al-Qaeda in Syria. Yet if you had your legs blown off in Boston you have to pay your own medical bills.

  2. Global Government has little time for its own people, Anon.