Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Muggins' Mantra.

Do Anything But Sensible.

Tinker not treat. As for the borrowed clown above, it epitomises the EUSSR and their banker chums. Should be funny but instead is mighty scary. Interest rates are the lifeblood of banking in the old fashioned sense. Prudent and careful nurturing of savers' hard earnt was coupled with sensible caution on lending to others. With these clowns taking over, fear became the weapon of choice. Especially for Frau Merkin  Merkel. her cover ups should be funny but again, not so. Plain frightening.

Greed and political manipulation in the pursuit og great  kicked in. The EU was born of that satanic profession, bureaucracy and off we went. The nightmare began. Why the idiots can't relate ultra low interest rates with the theft of savers' funds doesn't seem to occur to the circus centred on Brussels and funded by The Fourth Reich.

Still, the German savers are feeling the pinch, too. So watch this space when sauerkraut gets as valuable as gold!