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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lost Arguments.

Lead To Violence.

Although we have yet to learn of the perpetrators of this latest atrocity in Boston we can be sure of one thing. Such acts of terror and perceived protest are little more than the uncivilised reaction to a lost argument. By that I relate to the cultural issues behind which many individuals fall back on when dissatisfied at the direction a majority choose to go. 

In this instance, we see the somewhat restrictive of freedom nature of Islam and strict, in certain degrees, unnatural disciplines, forced, rather than intellectually persuaded, diktat. In this respect it may be argued modern Christianity abandoned the "Inquisition" centuries ago. That notwithstanding the decline of the fundamental teachings of Christ have exacerbated Western capitalist decline but that's another debate.

Whatever subject might be under discussion, be it football banter or deep political philosophy, the frustration felt by a losing participant, or participants, can become aggressive and even violent. Frustration, and in many cases ignorance, bring about the conditions for rebellion and violent acts. Rarely are those bedfellows any more successful than that which they seek to replace.

Indeed the Socialist and left wing movements prove these points well. In power their erstwhile leaders make ever more terrible mistakes, whilst feathering their own nests in ways the  Robber Barons did theirs. Modern politicians call it taxation and or networking. It is a fascinating part of human existence how our basic instincts fail to respond to ideas of civilised behaviour when our personal stances are questioned.

So deeply ingrained is our failure to bend to majority will, our World and security is under constant siege. The frustrated among us move quickly to anger and in turn violence. Islamic terrorist activity is but one example of that uncivilised ability of minority attempt to overpower majority will and consensus. 

In our own United Kingdom, as in America and Europe, we even legislate in favour of positive discrimination, which is little more than an illogical pandering to minority interest. I would argue such efforts are likely to produce and nurture the resentment we now witness all around us on a daily basis. To observe the latest eruption of football hooliganism is but further proof of how wrong our direction has gone.

One example of such loss of direction, against the wishes of the majority, is this. Whatever the arguments, my discussion holds. A majority of people support discipline and deterrence, against bad and in some cases, evil behaviour, such as Boston yesterday and 9/11 in particular. Or the terrible feral murder discussed in yesterday's post. However the minority, often soft liberal left, minority view, holds sway against strict upbringing of children and the application of harsh punishment for digression.

The Left opt always for a soft, mealy mouthed approach to education and the application of reality to differing ability levels. Another minority view shown over decades to have failed. As in the other cases mentioned here, frustration and anger mars the argument on both sides. It is the majority who suffer most, purely on the arithmetic fact. 

This same unpleasantness boiling over into nastiness and spite surrounds the death of Baroness Thatcher. Once more an ignorant and undisciplined, barely civilised, minority, are venting an unrealistic and historically incorrect view of her time in Office. The minority bias leanings of The BBC are complicit in that and other spiteful attitudes against the majority character of conservative Britons. Whilst harbouring and nurturing a minority paedophile underground movement, every bit as horrific as any acts of terrorism, such as bombings.

So here's my question of the day. Can freedom and decency exist in a society when the minority view prevails? I suspect not but if you disagree I promise not to get upset!

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