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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Keeping Our Streets Safe.

That Old Chestnut.

The day we opened our borders to mass, economic migrants, we gave away all kinds of things. One of them is an ever eroding freedom of speech. Political correctness has brought about the misuse of language to stifle debate and demonise common sense.

No longer can we express, without nervousness, our resentment of our overwhelmed NHS, education and political system. Before Labour opened the floodgates they had engineered a sneering positive discrimination mantra, via the BBC gang, to cower and subdue anger at their policies for a multicultural melting pot.

Now we have a clamour for Sharia law, Mosque proliferation and the imposition of a misogynistic and homo phobic dominance of a huge but still minority culture. Well, it isn't working, is it? As the initial link shows, tolerance and acceptance of free speech is not an acceptable issue for our Muslim population, in the main. 

Don't be fooled by the public hand wringing and statements of "we are all so peaceful, really" BBC one act dramas. Not only are our streets not safe, our political class, or at least the three main party clowns, haven't a clue. There's is just a hopeless wait and see short termism,  to stumble from one election to another with. Even the rank, imported vote rigging is swept under the carpet of expediency.

Things can't only get better. Only a sea change, that might sweep away the enforced shibboleths, can make things better. That needs courage I just can't see about anywhere. Well except, maybe, Farage.

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  1. It is like Catholics; you have to keep them 'at bay'...Just like the Mohammedan.