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Monday, 8 April 2013

Is This The End Of The Beginning?

Or The Beginning Of The End?

This morning offers a significant piece from of all people, a German. A significant marker. Now OR, amongst many more illustrious people, felt the federal ambitions and global fit of the EUSSR was meant to be, would fail  Not least the shifting sands of socialist dogma that, "one size fits all economies", since we are ostensibly all the bloody same!

That utter imbecilic notion has plagued the 20th century and carries on into the 21st. However, maybe for once its stupidity is about to be highlighted in the empty pockets of all those, in particular Germany, whose arrogant belief was that their work ethos was superior to all others. Above all else, one might suggest? 

This idea that one Nation would show the way and that "Arbeit Macht Frei " is a chilling reminder of how power always corrupts. Sure, work and a work ethic is a good thing. Trouble is the manner the fruits of those labours is purloined, spoils the whole idea.

Thus the chilling and fearful realisation, obvious by the utter devoid mention on The BBC Paedophile network, that the EU is broke and the euro a joke, makes the title questions, borrowed from the great Winston Churchill's famous words, not that far wide of the mark. (pun, get it?).

As this implosion happens, like a slow-motion replay of a detonated bomb, our Camoron is pushing the façade of his euro sceptic credentials, this very day. In truth he will really be discussing how, if possible, he can use the UK's borrowing and printing capabilities to save the EUSSR  from the inevitable collapse. Bear in mind, like Bliar and many other EU apparatchiks, the egotistical ambition to be the very first American style Abraham Lincoln of Europe, is a powerful force for these power hungry morons.

Such is the all consuming passion for power for these already rich as Croesus people, money is no longer the driving force. Nor is altruism and philanthropic consideration for their fellow creatures. That is more than obvious by the corruption allowed to permeate the very core of human avarice for self aggrandisement where anything goes for these cretinous and unpleasant rulers.

So whatever hardships we face in the coming months, as the eurozone collapses, just let us be grateful their ambition for an Orwellian smallholding, to be created out of a Federal States Of Europe, is likely never to happen. The pigs may be brought to book by the PIGS and that contagion! 

The world will then be astounded as individual Nations return to self-governance and the desires of its own people. Not the whims and unbelievable incompetence of a bureaucratic, self-appointed elite. A more natural order will become a reality and riches newly discovered will be coveted but not stolen, by a central, jealous crowd of indebted crooks. Well, we can but hope, because otherwise we really will become slaves. Well, even more than we already are.


  1. Well said about Biased Beeb. I watch RT quite a lot (the irony) and find out more about Europe than the Beeb ever report.
    And on this very sad day when we lose our best ever Prime Minister (RIP Maggie), over on 'Cross Talk' the discussion today is "Should Tony Blair be charged with war crimes"? Now wait for that discussion to be on the Beeb!

  2. Anon, you are spot on. I find RT a much better vehicle for actual news than ever the BBC is these days.