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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Is It Really Going Off In A Handcart?

The EU, That Is.

The BBC grooming fraternity have gone very quiet on the EUSSR of the present moment. Spanish unrest, Greek rioting and mayhem engulfing the whole ridiculous, stupid project, they seem oblivious to it all. This tends to mean things are getting pretty awkward for the lovers of a Super State.

This just might be the longed for awakening as people begin to realise the horrific lengths Merkel and her slaves cohorts in Brussels are prepared to go to subjugate us all. Problem for their dreams are that there is no money left and a fight back is looking more and more possible. 

Such as in this instance. My only bit of nervousness is that the Commissars in Brussels have a knack of diverting attention when it gets untidy. However such is the amount of rubbish and debris they are trying to scurry from, of their own making, maybe we will see a breakup. Can't come to soon for the poor and getting poorer, people so badly done by. Particularly in Greece and Cyprus.


  1. Oh I do hope so, fingers crossed.
    I am of the age when we were told this was going to be a huge trading block known as a Common Market and goods would be traded amongst each country much cheaper! Nobody mentioned federalism, or the Euro, or worst of all the non-democratic Brussels trough-fest. Get us out now. Vote UKIP

  2. It worked for Prussia when they took over Germany, so if it ain't broke, why fix it?