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Thursday, 11 April 2013


Bad Behaviour And Despicable Dinosaurs Costs Them Dearly.

Not surprising they did so. Good manners, respect for others and a sense of decency is not the hallmark of anything but a nasty party. Even their school teachers show us their hatred in the raw. Ii's a hatred unrecognisable by decent and caring people.

It's also a dogma ridden nastiness that now pervades our "Civil" Service. Full of perceived but unreal slights and chip on shoulder inferiority actually true because of an inbred inability to give others credit for differing views.

These MPs led the way in boycotting this Great Lady's death and by their lack of humanity showed support for the types shown in the picture. Not fit to clean her shoes let alone be MPs. I pray their ignorance and example permeates every sensible skull in the UK and condemns their despotic unpleasantness to the wilderness. It's the only place they might see each other in a true light when they have only themselves to mess with.


  1. Many commentators have expressed their surprise at the youth of the "witch is dead" morons.

    Why is that surprising given the 30 or 40 years in which the left have been allowed to wreck State education?

  2. The events of these last few days have been devastating for the hard left in this country. Ordinary people have witnessed shocking behaviour from unionists, MPs, award winning actresses and artists, teachers as well as from the criminal and under classes. When a little time has passed the majority of ordinary people will remember this time as a defiling of our nation by these toe curling mentalists.