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Friday, 26 April 2013

Going About Your Business.

It Get's Harder Every Day.

In the middle of life's rich pattern we can, if we're' lucky, jump for joy. Sadly such tend to be getting ever less frequent, don't they?

One significant factor is that big, world, corporate demand allies itself to big Government and seek to mess with our heads every single minute of the day. So as Oldrightie enjoys a very good day, I put it  such. if we had less State sponsored interference, greater freedom and less taxation we would, everyone of us, be better off.

Just look at taxation. The fuel duty on petrol is taxed with VAT. Our purchases, in the main, are taxed VAT. yet the income we struggle to enjoy is already taxed enormously. That is To say, if you are a 20% tax payer and buy a VAT registered product or service, you pay a further 20%. Ergo we are all, virtually 40% tax payers. If your labours are worthy of a 40% level, many millions more since April sixth, you are really a 60% tax payer. If you own a home then you have to add council tax.

At circa £2000 per annum, that comes out at a further 8% per year. So many, many people are really 48% tax payers or £68%. Then we have to think about TV "tax" to fund state propaganda and paedophile rings, let alone car tax. Do you know something? Government and its operators stink in all this. 

No matter how much they take they never balance the books. That's before we even think of the extra billions "stolen" by the EUSSR. So, on this very rare day I am jumping for joy, my pleasure is ruined by those who can jump every day at my expense. Most of them feckless, hypocritical lefties! That or nepotistic and nasty Civil Servant crooks. Like their political playthings, so arrogant as to be childish and bullying. Have a great weekend!  

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