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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Usually A Drip, Drip, Drip.

Union bullying has been a bane of the 20th century and continues to haunt the erosion of our lives and freedom in the 21st. I have little doubt that the Great Lady's pictures would be a red rag to the overpaid and smug tube driver unionistas. Together with the likes of Scargill on his many stays in his London, Union provided, luxury flat, frequently accessed by tube journey!

Once these ghastly, ill educated thugs, who staff the expensive sinecures of the Union hierarchies, fell in open warfare with Baroness Thatcher, their direction shot off to the civil service protection rackets. Places where perks and deluded ideas of grandeur and sacrifice were harnessed to gain overarching power over our government offices and services.

This invasive and sickening infiltration of Government has been massaged and nurtured by Labour. Add to that the BBC grip on  their obsession for Orwellian propaganda and brainwashing, it's little wonder freedom, individualism and decency fall by the wayside.

Take the reasonably good news about a reduction in public borrowing. In BBC speak, it's a slight dip. bear in mind these self same idiots dismiss the odd 100 million or billion as chickenfeed! One piece of behaviour beloved of Labour. If something wasn't, as with the EU idiots, costing hundreds of billions, it wasn't worth getting out of bed for. we all know how that's panned out for the UK and Europe!

Sadly, behind all of this is a slow erosion of our lives, wealth and freedom. If you have earnt a few bob the State want and will take most of it, if not all. As posted just yesterday, how dare you have worked hard and saved for your later years. That's for the State to dictate, not us.

As for snooping and prying, Orwell was only partly right about how it would be done. His understanding of high tech gadgetry employed to "spy" endlessly was not on the radar back in 1949, albeit the awfulness of an all powerful State was already on view courtesy of Stalin. 

How The EUSSR mimic that regime, armed with such wonderful capability to force and destroy any semblance of freedom we might still cherish. Of hundreds of thousands of restrictive, expensive and unnecessary methods, this one really gets my goat. Smart and invasive, stealthy and nasty. 

This programme is one of enslavement whilst in the background a few hundred well connected, (pun intended) fat cat EU Commissioners and "friends" will trouser billions for themselves. Wine counterfeiting, agriculture CAP scams and the whole corrosive panoply of this gangster run EUSSR will pale into insignificance with this multi-billion scam to beat all scams. 

Of course, when you switch on a toilet light, or sex toy battery charger, this valuable insight into the minutiae of your life will have massive marketing, brainwashing and terrorising capability. How long before these switches will be controlled centrally? 

A faceless but trained Eloy army will be given the power  to curtail your bath time soak or ablutions. Decide your night reading lamp has been on too long or your home cinema, 40 foot screen, has consumed your daily ration. Because that's what smart meters will be all about. Rationing. If you wish to have the kind of access to energy allowed now, the cost to the average Joe will be astronomical. 

Those spying on us will, as now, get their "allowances" enhanced by the love and devotion of their enslaved masses and the collective revenue they will be forced to produce. As with Huhne and Price, a few weeks token incarceration will not deter their ever greedy sucking at the tit of State. For most of us, the key would rust in the lock before any transgression determined by our "masters" will be given mitigation.

We joke about one law for us, trust me, it's getting ever more an obvious, blatantly flaunted, Sarkozy, Bliar, Lagarde, way these days. If you sup with a short spoon, the rewards on this Earth and in  this life are guaranteed. Woe betide any who dare to argue the unpleasantness of this eventual Left course and direction, eroding our World and our very existence. 

You see, the blindness and delusion of Left Wing fascism can't see the cliff ahead. Yet even if they could, they would just pour more coal on the boiler and stoke up the journey over the rusty rail track in the picture above. Over that cliff are the corpses of Pol Pot, Stalin and the rest. Smart meters will be a lovely toy for them, ere long.


  1. The service charges in The Barbican are horrific, what they must have cost in the last thirty odd years must be around a quarter of a million in todays money. Nice picture of the HST2.

  2. HST2 for the little people, Barbican for BBC executives and "friends".