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Monday, 15 April 2013

Does This Make Me Racist?

My Loathing Of This Product of Our Nation.

The underclass, which haunt our towns and cities, are the product, not of Mr T's aspirational, common sense policies but of the social impact of decades of socialism. Education became, as did the NHS, political footballs of the Left. Natural human propensity for cruelty, violence, grotesque bullying and the subsequent horrific cruelty we see on a daily basis, are never mentioned or included in the lexicons of the left.

For the socialist, statist, brainwashing banality of The left, all is joyous and perfect for all who worship at the shrine of State largesse and borrowed, indebted benefit. Those prepared to strive to provide the tax and income to underpin the socialist mantra, are reviled and scorned as unworthy of consideration.

This craven stupidity is nurtured and massage into the infant brains of all comers. The evidence all around of something terribly wrong, goes unremarked  Mainly subjugated to the superior demand of BBC and Government propaganda and manipulation. The horrors of the Bulger murder by feral inadequates and produce of this liberal left perceived foot soldiers were to become an oft repeated story of violence and nastiness. As we observe from those evil and spoilt brats above. Philpotts in the making are they not?

Many cases bubble to the surface. Asian grooming, paedophilia at the very heart of our Establishment and the embarrassing, childish, venom of the Left ,over Baroness T's death all paint one single fact. In my lifetime this United Kingdom has become a proving ground for how low a population can be driven to sink. 

It is very hard to know if we will ever reach rock bottom. Just as we might believe we are close,  a Baby P like horror pops up. Or the drug crazed sink estates hit the headlines and the violence and mayhem fills hospital lists, at the expense of the frail and elderly. Socialism has every bit sharp elbows as any aspirational banker. All the time the savagery grows like a mutating cancer, nothing is admitted by politicians. particularly from the Left. 

In a population of circa 70 million and in a land barely able to support 40 million, the consequences are horrendous. Now who brought about the rapid, mass immigration to swamp us and why? Good old Labour. In the pathetic belief they were importing economic growth and left wing voting fodder, Nothing was to be considered which argued against this madness. 

Naturally the architects of our decline ensure their lives are protected via ill gotten wealth, state funded pensions and undeserved peerages. I wonder how often that paragon of socialist virtue, Mrs  Imelda Marcos Cherie Bliar attends NHS GP surgeries? Or her offspring. You see, only privilege is acceptable in their hypocritical bubbles when its theirs to garner. The rest of us who loathe their handiwork are consigned to their experimental  "pathways" and queues heavily crowded with the feral violence consequences and global health tourists.

If you spent 40 years or more paying into the Social Insurance scam that was and still is National Insurance fraud, guess what? You're at the back of the queue. Thank you Labour.

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  1. Population. I would settle for 25 million, assuming a reasonable trade balance.