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Monday, 29 April 2013

Common Purpose At Work.

Recruiting The Corrupt.

Where your taxes really go.  Just a year ago I lamented the state of our globalised culture, controlled by crooks and political creeps, hell bent on all for them and none for us, here. Most people consider these issues as not affecting them but just think of the millions each year who are massacred by this state of corrupt and endemic fraud.

The workers in the Indian collapsed factory are just one terrible reminder of global manipulation. Afghanistan another. Karzai's job has been and remains, to keep the pot bubbling for ghastly and fatal reasons of graft and theft. Hundreds and hundreds of troops have been killed or dreadfully maimed to further the power play of corruption and greed.

So much for keeping our streets safe. We are lied to in our faces and behind our backs. Yet what is tantamount to wholesale murder and serial killing by those in power is just flotsam and jetsam used to build secret palaces and opulence beyond measure all over the Globe to house the brokers and agents of this nightmare. Karzai is little more than a salesman selling his Country and people for pieces of silver.

We are told how awful are the Taliban. Are our lot, or we for tolerating this culture, any better? I rather think not. The sooner Karzai gets his comeuppance the better. Mind you Bliar's much the same and he's still around or in a private jet somewhere. bankers look almost saintly except for the fact they are the bag carriers for the gangsters in politics.

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