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Sunday, 14 April 2013

An Indulgence.

On Personal Experience.

Oldrightie had the pleasure of entertaining friends yesterday evening. Mrs OR combined her many gifts, not least as an amateur gardener, to provide a meal of some pleasure. OR basked in lively and at times vigorous discussion but never with one ounce of rancour. Even when fuelled by imbibed belligerence on my part, I felt able to return a respect to people I consider dear friends and hope it was as enjoyable for they, as for myself.

Such relatively rare, almost metropolitan occasions, are not held with the almost desperate frequency of the London and South East Chatterati, for whom such events are more about show than substance. Here, in the sparsely populated shires, we have so many diverse elements  to our lives, not least caring for each other, because we have the time and space. Albeit, as the ever rapidly burgeoning demands on our scarce lands and fields grows, how long the rural peace and calm can exist, I shall never know.

Such an evening was also inspirational in the several issues relating to our local area which has recently touches, in some way, all our lives. One of a "Midsomer" nature as to be verging on shocking and disturbing. Then so life can so often be. To this end an uplifting tale was related, too. One of such a moving kind as to make me indulge in relating the outline of it.

A damaged, medicated and traumatised gentleman, scarred by horrendous events and experiences, was finding life desperate and dark, lonely and deprived. Human warmth and sense of purpose was gone and sociability skills lost. Then along came a beautiful meeting with a delightful Spaniel. From the depths of despair this dear dog lifted our gentleman back into an appreciation of lie so long denied. 

He now enjoys the company of kind neighbours, newly made, close friends and a stability of emotional peace so long lost to him. I was most moved by this anecdote and proud to share it and be confided in. When people dismiss that bond between humans, their animals and God's creatures they dismiss from themselves a potential guidance into their own very being and soul.

Some may scoff but for as long as human beings have existed we have shared this World with more than just each other. May the kindness last for ever and the cruelty we read about be damned, every bit as the cretinous characters who betray any semblance of respect for life per se, let alone each other. To be alive is to be blessed. Too many fail to remember that.

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