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Friday, 12 April 2013

A Short Statement.

Yet Very Frequently Needed To Be Made.

The death of a great lady has been a reminder of not only how nasty the Left is but how much they have infiltrated our lives with hatred and despicable unpleasantness. Above all else the mealy mouthed, spoilt nepotists in the BBC, chief amongst them Dimbleby, continue their smug orchestration of a selective, ghastly, cretinous, minority, is not even thinly disguised.  

How this Camoron and the Government allow the venom to be spewed forth, unquestioned and at our expense is beyond me. We are ill served by a Civil Service Cabal and its Paedo Wing propaganda arm as never before. I pray Baroness Thatcher's death and the bile filled hatred of the Left serves to bring them down.


  1. What did we do to earn the contempt of the BBC? We the British people. We give them so much money that they pay each other massive sums to stay, or go, or do nothing at all. Without exception they sneer at us, incite against us, propagandise against our nation and our people, our beliefs and our culture. What did we do? And where is our minister for culture who has at least some nominal power to stop this disgusting process.

  2. Well said OR and Alban nails it also.

  3. Another nail in the coffin of the BBC? I do hope so.

    I'd sell it off, to Fox News.

  4. banned said...
    "Another nail in the coffin of the BBC? I do hope so.

    I'd sell it off, to Fox News".

    No,No,No. Every single one employed there,piano wire, lamp post.