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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Late In The Day Rant.

The Consequences Of A Benefit And Entitlement Culture.

The guy in the picture is shown posturing on the Jeremy Kyle Show. I understand it's a Party Political daily dose of the unintended consequences of socialism on ITV in the morning. Of course the thug just also happens to look very like most male Trade Union bosses. Certainly cut from the same cloth.

As is the latest publicity hungry imbecilic moron so nurtured by our taxes and benefit culture of "your worth it" socialism. I refer to this bunch and their stunningly stupid and evil manipulator basking in the spotlight of deluded entitlement and self belief. Of course it would be as equally stupid of me to tar all low socio-economic people with the same brush but many of them are deserving of scorn, not support.

Labour and socialism adore their moral high ground pretentiousness, so beatified by the BBC paedophile crowd. Their inability to see beyond their own self importance is breathtaking  Not least when we witness the damage and carnage wrought so vividly by a culture created from dogma and deceit. Any minority is given credence and only armies of large numbers of cretinous voters nodded to, when elections loom.

Outside of the need to herd their ill begotten and ill educated, genetically flawed minions, into polling booths, champagne not ale is the normal beverage of those at the top of the socialist dung heaps. As now retired Simpson can testify. Or Bliar, Mandleson, the Milbad millionaires, Kinnocks, Prescott Pie eaters and so on. All of them safe in the knowledge the underclass can be relied on to vote for them, appear on Question Time and pack the demonstration circuits.

Well, all I can say is aspirational, middle class values once were the guidelines for our society. Never perfect, human nature never can be, but it worked. Until the 1960s when Labour took away discipline, learning and common sense. Until the political classes jumped aboard the multi-cultural bandwagon, we were getting towards a Norwegian style National identity. Unfortunately hubris is infectious. Once elected everybody, today, in Parliament, dons a deluded mindset and starts counting their riches and potential for power.

One of the results of this present day malaise is the rise of the feckless and the ignorant. People so mired in nastiness their children become little more than benefit vouchers to fund the cretinous spawn of socialist social engineering. All around us lie the silent victims of abuse, the uncared for elderly and the scared of being sick, as the socialists still whine about how unfair their underclass are treated. 

How wrong to deny the likes of  Philpott a spare room to use as a brothel or crack den. Shocking loss of enterprise and production. You know what? There are many more like him out there than we can possibly imagine. Mad Max is on his way here, not Australia. Thanks to socialism. 

As for The Tories, complicit in all I've said. Led by an immature, useless and inexperienced, soft and pathetic boy. Clueless at how to stave of that other monstrous monument to socialism, The EUSSR. Tinkering with the benefit culture is a nice idea but without at least a second term in office, a waste of time and effort. Unless Camoron is pushed aside and a strong, right of centre candidate replacement takes over, it'll be welcome back the destroyers of economies, Labour!

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