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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Divided Nation.

An Uncivilised Country.

This man, more than most, has courage and displays it once more, in being one of the very, very few people permitted to eulogise eloquently about the greatest ever  British Prime Minister, other than the magnificent Churchill. As expected, The Paedo HQ that is the BBC carefully paraded the hate filled, snarling, nasty, Lefty tendency, so typified by the peers of the 1970s and 80s, such as the crook Scargill, the fraudster Hatton and the traitor Jack Jones.

The very ruination Baroness Thatcher inherited from Labour back then was benign when compared to the "scorched earth", "there's no money left"  Bliar, Gordon Brown, 13 years of abusive power. To see this seething mass of resentful and immoral crusaders pretending to be civilised whilst glorying in the death of an octogenarian elderly and frail woman is disgusting in the extreme.

What is even more unpleasant is the ignorance of the facts and their sheer, blind stupidity to see the manner in which their fanaticism is exploited. Exploited,  not by we aspired middle classes and our political belief in self determination and freedom but their own billionaire manipulators for self enrichment. Those exemplified by Bliar and Mandleson, The Balls pair,  the Kinnocks, Milibads and the rest of the Labour family dynasties.

This ill educated mob of trailer trash, uncivilised and plain nasty individuals are the product of socialism in action. Comprehensive education the brainchild of Pol Pot style thinking. A system designed to corral and enslave, after indoctrination and hate implants are completed. 

The Utopia these silly, infantile cretins seek, with an unblemished zeal of unpleasant ignorance, is there in the raw for them to worship, both today, in North Korea and in history. From the genocidal viciousness of Cambodia, Stalin's USSR and Mao's China. The socialist dogma is no more than the persecution of all dissenters for the advancement of the State and those who populate the corridors of power.

The freedoms for which Baroness Thatcher sacrificed most of her life to serve, were trampled under by Trade Union bullies and miners happier to condemn their families and sons to hard labour underground rather than seek aspirational change. This culture of working class inverted snobbery remains a canker on British hopes and dreams for a better Country.

The same mentality of bullying and self seeking supremacy pervades the Left as never before. They just never learn, happy to spit bile at all of us who hate the Philpott mentality and its ilk, with a justifiable and civilised anger. The Left gloss over Bliar's Iraq war legacy and Brown's impoverishment of all but 10% of the nation, through reckless profligacy and pacts with his banking friends, in order to cling to a sinking ship of power rotten wreckage. No mention of this pathetic and failed 13 years.

The Left whinges about  the perceived misuse of North Sea oil revenues forgetting that they had to fill the last debt canyon Labour dug in the 1970s. One a mere narrow channel when measured against The Grand Canyon, excavated by Bliar and Brown. One from which, this time round, we may never recover.

As for "right to buy", that policy gave people equity which Labour have since, (The Cobbleition continue to pursue the theft),  purloined to pay for care home needs. So the joyous Left wing hatred is assuaged isn't it? The value released by Baroness Thatcher's policy has been returned to The State via the back door! Trouble is, such is the parlous nature of Labours' debt legacy, these "care" homes are now dumping grounds for the frail and the vulnerable.

I could write on this for hours. For sure the truth of the Left's nastiness and vile behaviour won't be questioned thoroughly by The BBC. They'll be too busy joining the parties to celebrate the death of this towering figure. One who knew, with unerring instinct, not only how dreadful is the Socialist dogma but how cruel it is in implementation, to the very people it purports to champion.

I fear those of us who feel the same are a toothless pack of tigers, neutered by mass immigration and the rise of a minority but all powerful, bureaucratic, Pol Pot, emerging class. One day these infantile children of the
 Left will realise their leanings are no more than a brain washed, cunning creation designed to lure them into a genocide which has to follow, to complete the Common Purpose agenda. After all, Pol Pot and his kind had their supporters. At least so long as they remained in favour.

I guess next week Baroness Thatcher's funeral will be marred and the true, modern day nastiness of the British Left will be on show, to demonstrate once more why we never totally lost the "sick man of Europe" tag. As statesmen and women, from across the Globe, show genuine respect for a great leader, her own mongrel and feral trailer trash will present the dark and deep nastiness for which Hitler became so well versed in controlling. Bear in mind these thick as pig excrement cretins believe our Adolf was "right wing"! Such is their intellectual grasp of propaganda.and force fed, readily swallowed nonsensical crap.

Farewell, Mrs Thatcher and rest in peace. Your greatness, real compassion and leadership will live forever because it was decent and honest. A beacon now gone and a very dark night left to ponder how much better it might have been if you had remained just a little longer at the helm. For all the Left's stench of blind hatred, their work was done by her own Tory members. We and our relentlessly divided Nation, has never recovered, after that treachery.


  1. Absolutely spot on!!!!!!!

  2. Hear, hear.
    Margaret Thatcher simply magnificent.
    RIP great lady.

  3. Comment at Russia Today
    "evil thather like tony blair should have been killed.engliush parasites are enemy of world and EU."
    The BBC would surely approve.

    R.I.P. Mrs T.

  4. Your best post yet !

    Thank you.

  5. Very well stated OR, though I'm not sure about the 'as never before' in:
    "The same mentality of bullying and self seeking supremacy pervades the Left as never before."

    It might be worth remembering the divisive behaviour of some British Lefties and Trade Unionists when the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was in effect, though they quickly adjusted their self-serving tune after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.
    (Kind of reminds me of the Miliblands for some reason...)

    Do my ears deceive me, or is it such self-serving socialist traitors who are now cheering in the streets, and sneering in the MSM news?
    "...included a secret protocol that divided territories of Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland into Nazi and Soviet "spheres of influence", anticipating potential "territorial and political rearrangements" of these countries. Thereafter, Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939."

  6. On the 1911 Census the father of Mrs. T was a humble grocer's assistant in a small shop. He should have been a shoemaker but his eyesight was not up to it. She was Midlands working class and proud of it. The toffs and posh lot, especially those on the Left, saw her, literally, as a "counter jumper". As PM she inherited the mess. Blaming her for 2008 is rather like blaming Lloyd George for causing WW2.

  7. Beautifully written Oldrightie.

    Her death has hit me hard. I bloody worshipped Maggie.

    The Left hate her because she proved them wrong over and over again ad nauseum.

    She towers above the scum who infest Westminster today - they aren't fit to lick her boots.

    Farewell dear Lady. God, I am sure will smile on you.