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Monday, 18 March 2013

Where's Rompuy?

Probably The Toilet.

Such unimaginable charisma.

I wonder who dreamt this up?  As an unwritten rule I endeavour, where possible, to avoid two consecutive days on any one bit of news. Then there are days like today. As in the case of the genocidal maniacs of The NHS last week. I see no option but to stay with an event. Especially when they are of a magnitude of such outright stupidity, arrogance and thievery as The EU theft of peoples' already, EU and local taxation,  diminished incomes.

The unintended but glaring consequences of raiding an "offshore" haven was seen as an effort to attack "money laundering"! Presumably the fact that these funds were garnered by these imbeciles to save their necks and beloved EUSSR in recent times was forgotten in this attack on Cyprus. Not military, as yet. Nearly as effective!

As was to be expected, this crass and desperate move by the EU and IMF, against their "drug baron" financiers based in Cyprus, is presumably a flexing of muscle by Rompuy and a snook at their paymasters criminal backgrounds. What they fail to remember is that gangsters have no real national identity. Just like arms dealers, any cause, needing their products or cash, is welcome, so long as the profits are vast.

What we witness in  the Mexican re-enactment of Vietnam,  is more a reflection of the global future, than is any bureaucratic EUSSR grip. The manner our Sprout pals cling to the Stazi Frau in Berlin is laughable. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, German mindsets will tolerate anything, so long as their superiority complex is massaged. Ergo, the real behind the scenes power broking goes on in German and Spanish, in some remote areas of Mexico. Repetitive history, just changed locations.

Anything else we are allowed to witness is pure window dressing or theatre. The "War on terror" for example is but an extension of the battle for the Afghan poppy fields and any other pillaging that might be on offer. The Middle East a struggle for oil control, not political or tribal interests. It just seems that way. On the super yachts and in the plush hotels and the palaces of Mayfair and Saudi Arabia, the trillion dollar enclaves surrounding Malaga, is where the real deals are done.

Just occasionally a surface glimpse is allowed to add gravitas such as the junkets of The EU summit gatherings and the partying in Davos. The likes of Bliar and Mandleson flirting in South America with who knows whom. Those two as steeped in the dark arts of go betweens as anybody. One day they inveigle themselves into some political arena, the next report back in some hideaway as to how the puppets are behaving in controlling the masses of potential victims who are the world's human seas.

So, given all this supposition, one wonders why the EU and IMF decided tweaking the lion's tail was a good thing? Most likely to stave off the collapse of The EU and the euro. After all, if that vehicle is scrapped, what's left for the Godfathers to exact their dues from?  Suspension bridges may well become very busy sites throughout Europe, if the Cypriot raid were to succeed in its efforts.


  1. Common Purpose is evil18 March 2013 at 11:49

    After today you wont be even able to speak out on sites like this, part of the Common Purpose new rules will be...
    Schedule 4, Point 1 of both the government and the opposition’s versions of the Royal Charter will bring blogs under the regulator’s control:

    “relevant publisher” means a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in the United Kingdom: a. a newspaper or magazine containing news-related material, or b. a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)”

  2. Viscount Rectum18 March 2013 at 19:47

    Common Purpose is the shadow government or a secret government, hides under the radar as a charity, well fuck them plod on regardless.