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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where's All The Money Gone?

Easier Answer Than People Think.

Pointless war. Together with endless taxation to fund ever bigger Government. Unfortunately we idly stand by, or when given an election, vote for more of the abuse meted out by the very same cretins as ever. All the time those taking our money do so to pay the likes of this genocidal maniac

If we were to add to the failed Iraqi projects the actual cost of weaponry, pollution and the sheer blind stupidity employed in Afghanistan, Iraq and globally, bingo! The billions squandered by bankers and politicians pale into insignificance. 

Naturally it is you and I who are blamed for wanting a house to live in, cheap horse meat and processed killer foods and an unreasonable desire to keep warm in the depth of winter. How very dare we! Our very consumerism and existence is meant to be for the benefit of the few at the top. As for their hubris, we need only heed the scathing words of one of life's few commentators with a brain and common sense, Quentin Letts. 

Anyone reading of the hubristic arrogance featured in Letts's essay ought despair, yet understand why we are broke. It really isn't our collective fault, bar failing to vote for "any other but". Until we do, these bureaucrats infesting not only the UK but our unelected dictators in Brussels, will continue to spend more than they can ever earn. Including the heavy cost of rigging postal votes at election time.

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  1. Can't get over this land value thing which would take people's properties away and give them to someone else.