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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Still No Protest As Theft Looms.

Nothing Seems To Bother Anybody, Not Even Global Theft.

We no longer inhabit a Nationhood world but rather a global dictatorship of dreadful intent. We are witnessing a "Rorke's Drift" terrible defeat without the heroism and fight we once had as part of our now defunct pride in our birthright and our ancestral respect.

Cyprus stuck two fingers up to The EU and flirted with an even more perceived benefactor in Russia. A few very short days later they are returned, bond and trussed to the EU, or rather its fourth Reich masters. After over a week of closed banks, the penurious starvation into submission has only just begun.

I mused on yesterday as to why Putin backed off from purchasing a foothold in Cypriot offshore gas and oil fields. Raedwald provided significant clues. Not only that, he also points at the corruption used to bail The EU and other banks, post the 2007 reckoning. Oldrightie's troika of political, banking and Mafia alliances.

Milibad, architect supreme of the UK's woeful part in the present state of affairs, will pontificate today on how wonderful it will be when he gets back in power. Sure, you little squirt of an intelligence, for you and your cronies. The rest of us will be at the coalface, overseen by Mafia guards.

So, anybody with any sense should be screaming for the EUSSR and its new alliance with Putin to be broken and stopped. Not a bit of it. it seems we are to be brainwashed one last time by a media arrogant enough to believe their position is extent to the rest of us. Well, that won't last long once a few knee cappings are done, to ensure they print no more than the propaganda and page three titillation to keep the sheeples in place. 

We are devoid of protest, broken in spirit and seem deaf to the horrors of Greece and Cypriot subjugation. Where will this all end? I guess many decades of global totalitarian nastiness before somehow, somewhere, the human spirit gets rekindled. I doubt it will be in Northern Europe. A land mass now scorched of such once noble edifices. Still, if the likes of Raedwald's two individuals suffer, it's not all bad!

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  1. Common Purpose is evil23 March 2013 at 10:29

    Just watch Howard Beale speech in the 1976 film Network sums up the public today over 30 years later. Just change the words to 'let me have my Sky TV'