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Friday, 29 March 2013

Spin Begets Secrecy.

Especially In Our Modern World.

As the BBC prepare to beatify Mandela with their usual fawning sycophancy for all things non-white, OR feels it pertinent to consider a few home truths. Many listed immediately when "googled". To even get close to the brutality of the mindset of a crazed and ignorant people it is necessary to consider the racial element of such incidents as this. Just consider the nature of this assault and the abuse beyond horror of a four year old child.

All the left wing hand wringing over apartheid never considered for one moment the potential and likely outcome of this Mandela led Nation. One descending into a lawlessness that shames God himself. Of course apartheid was wrong. Every bit as segregation in the USA was wrong. However, to then anoint the black, cultural emergence, of genocidal mania, hatred and racism, with a shrug is shameful and complicit.

To have to tolerate the genetic propensity of black people to resent whites, yet pretend it is not racist, is in itself horrific and self perpetuating of strife and intolerance. I suggest that colonialism is now reversed but that's just fine if it destroys values which aided as much as it ever hindered the lands so settled. I rest my case on this example essay of very many.

Now back to "Saint" Mandela. Naturally his beatification may well have been under threat whilst sharing his life with Winnie, so that inconvenient truth was rapidly addressed. However what about his almost forgotten incarceration for crimes heavily similar to IRA atrocities and even the more recent London 7/7 bombings? "Another horror was the "Church Street Massacre," in which Nelson Mandela approved of a bomb set to explode at rush hour to maximize casualties of Afrikaner women, children and babies. The same Mandela who told the Black youth of South Africa to "burn down" their schools has produced a lawless, unemployable generation. Mandela recently travelled to Libya and presented Gaddafi with South Africa's highest military medal."

The quote was taken from this link. How fascinating it is to observe the burgeoning Irish terrorism and its similarity to the ANC background in South Africa. Mandela and Martin McGuinness, both known terrorists, responsible for terrible crimes but now embraced by their various establishments. In Mandela's case near sainthood. Unfortunately the well intended but imbecilic practice of embracing such people into the bosom of respectability, teaches upcoming generations that "terror" pays.

Not only can you bomb your way to "respectability" you also do not need morality, education and decency to garner the spoils of political success. Hence the horror taking place in South Africa and its descent into economic and tribal oblivion, goes largely unreported. 

The death and mutilation of all dissenters, particularly of a white "tribal" connection, is deemed de rigeur by savages and misogynists. Indeed the hushed reverence with which the paedophile edited presenters of the BBC use words like "Rainbow Nation" is ghastly in its uncritical backing for the rape and pillage now so much a part of that spectrum in South Africa. That same approach being seen, albeit in a smaller way, in Ireland, once more, as their wannabe "Ministers Of Education" look to emulate the "noble" Statesman McGuinness.

None of the developing nastiness of our modern world is served well by any appeasement of violence and the PR tricks employed to cover up the less palatable issues we know are all around us. Democracy is about majority sway but today it is minority rule, purely born of a sense of undeserving entitlement, that is given greatest political credence. 

Be it Winnie Mandela's  sadistic nastiness or the IRA's torturous history, their cruelty goes unpunished. Indeed it is shown to be a career choice more likely to bring easy riches and power than any ballot box. The EUSSR is much the same, using more subtle but still violent economic means to gain their ends. Only a mass uprising of dissent at this "farm occupation by pigs", even worse than the "drunken farmer" usurped, can ever stop the Orwellian prescience becoming reality. I don't hold out much hope for future generations.

It is often said today, that my generation, born of the early-mid forties have had a very good life, compared to today.  Some of that may well be true. However look at those major changes, which lost that social opportunity for such a life. All of them created by the socialist/communist bent which so attracted the young Mandela. 

I close with some of those facts. Comprehensive education and the demise of aspirational grammar schools; the abolishment of capital punishment, (which coincided with the rise of The IRA); a part engineered decline in Christian values in exchange for less altruistic, selfish consumerism; the latter causing an inevitable breakdown of family life and support;  mass immigration, now at a level of utter overwhelming inability to cope.

So when we blithely say how fortunate my generation might have been, much of it was down to hard work and faith in a creed of caring for others as much as oneself. That creed is still alive and well in the shires. At least until they are covered in concrete and overwhelmed, in turn, to cope with the "new",  PR driven "anything goes" mantra of the Left and its bleeding heart, weak but smug Chatterati! You know the sort. Notting Hill, coke adenoided Milibad types, only able to exist hiding in concrete bunkers and City sewers!

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  1. I've met a few white South African returnees and on the whole I didn't like them; arrogant twats mainly full of self entitlement, probably caused by previously having too many servants.

    Once the post Mandela wipe out of the remaining 4 million whites begins it will be interesting to see the position of the 'paedo dandies of the BBC'.