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Monday, 4 March 2013

Socialism And Privilege.

Labour Love Privilege For All But Those Most Worthy!

My generation grew up at a time when travel overseas was a privilege reserved for the better off. That began to change with the package tour burgeoning of the early sixties. That accelerated with the arrival of the B737-200 aircraft capable of several return trips, to guaranteed sunshine, over 24 hours. This released the logistical growth, of sunshine tourism, for the often grey skies suffered by the majority of UK citizens and the rest of Northern Europe's, deprived of blue skies, peoples. 

Sadly, in my book, it also released the "chav" culture on sunshine hot spots and the ever declining literacy of our younger people was and still is, allowed to inflict their gross and boringly predictable ignorance on undeserving and unsuspecting cultures. As Labour manipulated social engineering into a disastrous nightmare of decline and selfishness and with their  gerrymandered rigging of stultified thinking, they decided that more was needed to swell the murky gene pool of voters more likely to keep them in power.

Their well documented answer was typically stupid. No thought given to the tsunami which would sweep away NHS capability, overwhelm schools and housing needs and introduce cultures so at odds with the endemic ways as to create a whole new plethora of strife and difficulties, crime and destruction. Think not? 

This issue never used to exist. At least never on the scale that now engulfs us. However it is so much more than one, albeit horrific, consequence. Once upon a time travelling with a British Passport was a cause of pride in a privilege earned by years of proud effort, work and self improvement. Aspiration could be measured by this official document in virtually every corner of the Globe.

Now, it would seem, anybody can claim this right, regardless of any justification or deserving qualities. Often such qualities can now seem a handicap. Just as the Left and the Chatterati, such as The BBC Paedophile Burgermeisters, now look to enforce. In our Anglo-Saxon heritage we are treated as pariahs and our white skin is the new "black" as positive discrimination is enforced. 

That despite the fact that discrimination, per se, is a hateful attitude. If we add into this discussion the supra reach of these attitudes throughout The EUSSR mandates, it is little wonder our stagnating cultures and economies now haunt us. One thing is certain in my mind. Privilege is now non-existent for those who once were proud to seek it. The consequences are all around us.

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