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Monday, 11 March 2013

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be!

Germans Alone At The fair!

There was a time we sank billions into Western Germany as part of the cold war tactical immaturity of the then thinking. Subsequently our loss became ever more evident to this expense, whilst Germany flourished. Armed with that strong economy, their European lust for control fuelled the desire to be, not at the heart of but the heart of an EUSSR.

After re-unification and that burdensome price to the West German coffers, it became an overriding obsession of the new German Politik to be a central clearing house for a single currency. One trading loans and advances to Southern and Eastern Blocs for the perceived enrichment of power and influence, denied in the 1945 humiliating military defeat.

That the Brits refused to sign up, first to staying part of the fledgling euro that was the ERM, then the single currency itself, was expected to be to Germany's benefit and The UK's detriment. Boy did they get that wrong. Not only the profligacy and corruption endemic in The EUSSR's core but it's infectious spread to the already Mafia controlled, bent South.

Both iffy constructs have bled the German Exchequer and their hard working ethos dry. Such irony that the very weapon of choice, that was to be the single currency, has been turned on the creator and sponsor of this blind need for control.

I accept the woes in Europe will impact on The UK to an extent. However our flexible own currency options will deflect much of the damage. Already the British economy is showing signs of losing the shackles beloved of Labour and Whitehall, that were the chains a single currency and which the  Federal State direction threatened. Our shares are presently cheap, our goods less expensive and our banks less fettered than those in Europe and in particular Germany.

Should this present state of affairs remain, as many predict it must, the biggest loser will be Germany. Why? Their politicians wanted to be the purse holders and underwriters of the Central Banking system in order to demand control and interfering rights, as lenders and mortgage providers. Never did they contemplate the risk of default. Just as never did The Lehman Brothers!

So what next? A German electoral backlash is one possibility. That would be a UKIP like demand for withdrawal from the single currency. In turn that would be the death knell of The EUSSR project. Not immediately but after more hardship and suffering, followed by a European "Spring"! 

During all of this a sensible UK Government would make the right noises and gestures of support, whilst ensuring a comfortable avoidance of the worst of the uprisings. By that, I suggest a powerful set of agreements across the Globe for trading and cooperation, devoid of the nonsensical rubbish from Brussels. Not least climate change arrogance and stifling stupidity, so apparent in energy business. Let alone the restriction of Eastern European migrants draining our already raped resources.

So, could be a terrible few years for Europe and better ones for The UK. Alternatively, a good period for all, if The EUSSR crumbled from within rather than be forced to fail by revolution and mayhem. Here's hoping!

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