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Saturday, 9 March 2013

LibDum Dumbness!

Just because Clegg wangled a deputies job, having been rebuffed for the biggy by Labour, our Lib Dum Chairman seems to believe their position ion Government gives them a credibility they really don't deserve. He forgets they are the rump of a Labour disenchantment cabal. Their wishy washy leftie leanings are even more apparent when we look at Huhne's past allegiances and the barely concealed "spend spend spend" of Cable's Labour past.

So our committed Christian above, Farron, can argue all he likes about how decent and upright his Party of molesters and Kiddyfiddlers are but they share a mega link to the most basic and nasty of male behaviour. Activity shared by all parties but so often Mandleson like figures of the left move behind the shadows, hand in hand with their fellow political "activists", in arenas we are never allowed to observe.

Barely a day now passes that our erstwhile and pathetic and inadequate establishment spout their mantras, constantly and delusionally thinking we care. We care only about being rid of them and their EUSSR cohorts. We care about that which we have had stolen from us ever since the 1960s. We care about they taking some responsibility and fessing up in  resignation speeches. 

Anything else, as in Eastleigh, despite the fiddled postal votes, as well as in the 2010 General Election, both revealed how much we despise them. Next years EU joke elections might well be an even louder message to the three main and depraved parties, "F**ck Off"! How good would it be to see Nigel Farage surrounded by 40 odd MEPs from UKIP!


  1. Viscount Rectum9 March 2013 at 13:01

    Now that,s the language lets have lie detector test for the snakes in Parliament, Question (1) are you a kiddie fiddler, (2) are you a alcoholic or drug addict , (3)cheat on your wife or mistress, (4) fiddle your expenses, (5) take it up the bum. if yes to all these questions you have the right job.

  2. So that would be no MPs other than females left, VR.