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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Labour Are Gagging!

Market Rise Bad News For Socialists And The BBC!

Even The EU loving  Reuters had to mention this, albeit reluctantly. We live in a world where those not in power crave the failing of those incumbent  as a necessity to wrestle back their own greed and troughing options.  In fairness Cameron was generous with praise when thing were rarely seemingly going well for The Country, despite Labour. Of course that was an engineering disaster, as somebody scuffed the sand foundations.

Now Socialists are not so much red in claw as in desperate face. Testicle Meister ED is a prime example. Always shouting and blustering, when not filling his face with subsidised booze and grub. Milibad carries a permanent sneer on his visage. I'm never sure if that's related to his snobbery and perceived prowess or misery, dictated by his loss of power and perks.

My point in this post is how ghastly the left and their BBC paedophile propaganda arm cringe at any good news for all of us. The FTSE is bolstering pension funds, replacing losses and attracting inward investment. Company equities are strong and this will bleed into a general economic improvement for everybody. Even Civil Servants pensions will be more readily funded if it holds strong. I know that's a big if, since the EU malaise could spoil it all. If only we were free of that drag anchor we could probably guarantee recovery, via global trading and Commonwealth trade.

Of course, since The EUSSR is a socialist construct it's woes add to those of the Left, so even that's not all bad. Nevertheless we should note the nastiness from Labour who need us all to continue to struggle financially and see no improvements in our lives, whilst they cannot claim it was down to them. That mind set exists for Labour, even though our fall into a bottomless pit of debt, was down wholly to Labours' lust for power, bought off the backs of our labour.

I also would wish to see the Government toppled in 2015 but not replaced by the mean minded, avaricious nation destroyers of The EUSSR's UK Labour wing. No, a Tory/UKIP coalition with UKIP as dominant as The LibDum Brigade is right now, please! Not that mad a thought if we consider the Eastleigh result now long forgotten by those damaged.  

Anything but Labour, who will just wipe out in weeks years of hard won recovery. They always do, don't they? Sadly I can't see The Boy having anything to offer that we can really believe.

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