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Friday, 22 March 2013

It's Very Noisy.

Yet Lots Of Sabres Rattling Is Quiet!

It looks as though Common Purpose has Putin in its purview and their little skirmish over Cyprus, via the devious nastiness of The EUSSR  has been halted. I do wonder what ghastly arrangements have been cobbled together between Russia and Berlin-Brussels. Whatever has gone on, the Cypriot people will soon have EU troops on their streets, just as did Athens last year. 

Furthermore if Putin caves in so easily over Cyprus what chance do the rest of us have when he gets a massive and agreed price hike for Russian gas exports to Europe? The secret nature of globalisation is not a nice business since we are all part of the collateral. That, of course, includes our vulnerable bank accounts.

What a neat trick Common Purpose have pulled. They use our money, raised via taxation, squander it to bail out banking fraudsters, then seize what is held in those vaults belonging to others! Still, so far, the sheeples carry on regardless believing somehow it can't happen to them when it already did under Gordon Snotpicker. 

Then we have the wretched Middle East and the Iranian scabbard drawing to rival the North Korean madness. An insanity driven by little more than covetous jealousy of their more successful Southern half and a dynasty desperate to have greater wealth to add to the power. Hardly socialism, is it?

So, here we are. As the weekend approaches there seems little to cheer about. As for leadership and National pride, all that is old hat. A Global socialist nightmare beckons for most. Only a select few will enjoy that future and even they may find little joy in an automaton run world. If only Cyprus had been helped by Russia. That's a duel I would have relished.

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  1. The Russians are very fond of secret deals and will fondly recall the days when they could call in the leaders of their satelites to give them new instructions and get them home within 24 hours.
    I expect that some such was secretly cooked up during the Cypriot visit earlier in the week.