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Friday, 1 March 2013

Is There A Missing Comment?

From Eastleigh.

We're all having out two penneth worth and why not? All we get from "on high" is the predictable, boring failure to recognise a loaded gun in their faces. Not least Rompuy Stiltskin yanking chains to cower us into corners. What an utter a*se, lecturing us from his position of complete and utter ineptitude and failure!

Well, the good old folk of Eastleigh turned out in large enough numbers and according to the Tripe Tory spin, protested. Well, it was remarkably like the General Election, wasn't it? Wallace caught stumbling like Gordon Doom Snot Picker on a railway line and hit rather hard, if not fatally! Camoron whipped into third place by a mood of clamour against the Gangsters in Brussels and the NHS Chiefs he's so scared of in Whitehall.

Nicholson, just last evening, or so, luxuriating in five star luxury in Manchester, no doubt dining out on the corpses he leaves in his wake, will also have been on voters minds, Camoron. Together with your "cast iron" duplicity. So don't treat us all as moulds to be formed. We hate and despise our political triumvirate and need a change. UKIP is the only sensible, if risky, path to tread. 

Still, they do love their inquests. Problem here is the silly sods all conduct them blindfolded! Cleggy really believes they did OK. If UKIP had had just a handful more votes not somehow  spirited into the ether, who knows where we would be. Although Labour are the voting fraud experts, the other two are never far behind any nefarious tricks. Still, it was a joy to see, as real people gave them two very significant digits. More please!


  1. Check out the postal votes, anther fraud, another blow to democracy.

    1. Yes I heard the Lim Dims happily telling the reported how many extra postal votes them had. How many were murdered NHS patients?