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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Is It 2013 or 1930?

In Both Instances, German Will Prevails.

I am not alone in thinking this way. Not only now but from way back, the Germans owe a great deal to these blighted lands. At least in a military fight it is possible to see and confront an enemy. In the modern world those enemies are hidden behind grand and lofty ideals. Ones which harbour the same cruelties and nastiness of any Gestapo occupation.

The manner in which Putin was "persuaded" to leave Cypriot wealth and riches, tactical as well as mineral, is quite a mystery. One with echoes of former German-Soviet alliances, before World War Two turned them into implacable enemies. Since history is usually repetitive one can only dread what will be the result of their next falling out.

In the meantime, Germany's love of European domination seems intact and the blitzkrieg of economic howitzers continues as effectively as any of Hitler's invasion methods. That the casualties appear less fatal is only a plus for the modern manner of dominating Europe. As in 1939, Britain stands alone, with its own currency acting as a modern day metaphorical English Channel against total occupation by the forces of a European Force led by, as ever, Germany.

If this all seems fanciful, look at the vast areas of economic activity which has laid waste to not only our well being but that of generations to come. Consider the weak and ineffective appeasement of our Parliament, caring only for their own place in a quisling led hierarchy. What can anybody see as an independent, free democratic and fulfilling life that is on offer. One via an EUSSR every bit as draconian and subjugating as ever The USSR and Merkel's long lost GDR, Stazi ruling Nation were.

It has often been suggested in blogs that the economic shambles of Europe was actually engineered. As Merkel gobbles up the likes of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and now Cyprus, one has to wonder at the possibility of a deliberate, not accidental, outcome. When Russian oligarchs  and anti-Putin double agents were united against the shadowy and still very active KGB forces, now spread across the Globe, is it not war in action but in a less obvious way than air raids and bombs make known?

As for China, their love in with Putin this very week shows which side they're on, since more viable trade is available in that relationship, than with Europe. The USA is, probably, as wedded to a German alliance as it was once before. Blood is always thicker than water, after all. 

So in our 2013 geopolitical maelstrom, jockeying for advantage is as prominent as always. Sadly, even with globalisation, resources for human existence and satisfaction remain ever more scarce. For now all the posturing and secrecy is, on the surface, more civilised than in the past. My belief is that this is purely a veneer. 

The desperate need for Germany to retain its EUSSR Federal ambitions may yet lead to conflict, as the financial overreaching, to further the end game, becomes increasingly impossible to fund. It might well begin with a raid on their previously friendly allies, in the gangster world of drug money laundering, located on some small Island! Then, if successful, this theft can be extended to fund the war chest need, on an even larger scale. Trouble is, by then, the newly impoverished and disenfranchised mobsters will look to raise armies in rebellion. They will have many willing citizens to choose from and the ghastly Merkel and her cohorts get an excuse for violent crackdown. What goes around..................................

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