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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goings On.

Where Is Our Media News These days?

Then there is particular danger.  The title link tells us what for the "warmists" is an embarrassing cold,icy, freezing opposite to their nonsensical and alarmist dogma. A dogma responsible for setting up dreadfully expensive energy theft pricing and EU bullying.

As for the USA West Coast danger, the media again keep quiet only to blaze out headlines when it all happens, as if nobody expected it. Just as the economic maelstrom of 2007 and the pretence that nobody knew that earthquake was about to hit.

So, in essence, we have to rely on external outlets and the Internet to get even a glimpse of the rubbish political world around us. The EUSSR being large among them. They have once again prevailed on their owned IMF cronies to extract ever more from us all to keep their broken dreams of a Federal Europe alive. As ever, aided and abetted by endless propaganda or if that is failing, silence. Such as the tip toeing bail out of Cyprus, the dreadful black holes in Italy and the deteriorating German coffers.

As if these issues aren't enough we have to witness Camoron pretending to be a defender of freedom, whilst quietly accepting the EU and Cleggy traitor's new mates, led by Milibad. For some reason the UK press seem muted and almost complicit in giving up centuries of free speech. At least one voice expresses my own disquiet but the clamour of outrage is hardly apparent. Certainly not outside the Internet.

Just imagine the already biased PHQ (paedophile headquarters) at the BBC if only their nastiness is permitted to soil our minds. NHS killing fields would be as hushed up as they were in Cambodia. As we can see from the continued rich list buffoon and genocidal maniac, Nicholson,  remains, regardless of huffing and puffing.  I make the case for saving press freedom. Without it the jackboots will ring our as never before, even in 1939.

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