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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Futile Opposition.

When The Debate Is Hijacked By Liars.

The fundamental reason why we are so failed by those purporting to be leaders is that, as Richard points out, honesty is no longer at the heart of world government or banking. In the same manner crooks and Mafia individuals must, of necessity, live in fear in order to conduct their criminal activities, so must everyone else.

This culture of fear permeates everything we once considered sacrosanct. Education, health and care for the weak and vulnerable, , banking and democracy. Everything is reduced to the level of criminal dishonesty. Thus the civilised practices we were taught to believe in and practice, selflessness and consideration for others has all gone. The teaching profession, illustrates at its annual conference the manner in which Christian and social values have been eradicated from classrooms. 

Selfishness and a worship of a celebrity, easy life culture has taken over. The very reality of life's natural difficulties and minimal opportunities for virtually everyone is ignored. greed and a belief in entitlement is preached without any mention of the very fact that without extreme hard work, sacrifice and effort, life will be a journey through a living hell. One of sink estate, ghetto slum dwelling, violence, drugs and hardship.

Schools no longer have the teaching staff qualified to do the real work of education. many are left wing, indoctrinated and spiteful morons in their own right. Excellence is only found in wealthier areas or private schools. Places where old fashioned but successful teaching methods are conserved and abundant. Sadly many of their students quickly enter the privileged world that is in itself as crooked and bent as the socialist creeds driving the corruption.

The perfect example of this socialist Soviet style creeping nastiness is the EUSSR. Stalin murdered, as did Pol Pot, his intelligensa. We are destroying, or indeed have destroyed ours, through the lying obfuscation of the political core and Common Purpose deliberate dumbing down of education. The terrible breakdown of these methods was not foreseen. So the introduction of a common currency has become a dreadful symbol of why democracy works and dictatorship does not.

I have no idea where this will all end other than in violence. Eventually the price demanded by the despots and liars, who have got us into this crippling mess, be they the likes of Paedophile Pete Mandy, Ed Milibad,  Stazine Merkel, Camoron or Balls. Be it their henchmen in the various bureaucratic empires like  the genocidal Nicholson or Labours' mass immigration policy to ruin National culture, it is of no consequence. Their desperation at their predictable failure to see through, without draconian measures, leaves them with only an systemic root of immoral nastiness. 

The theft of peoples' savings and the criminal manner and lies which surround it, is but a beginning of ever more dreadful ways these grasping, evil, criminal minded individuals, as with all despots, behave, when their greed is challenged by time and nature. History teaches us that no matter how powerful despots become, a day of reckoning comes. Even when such history is erased from schools and replaced with brainwashing propaganda. 

One day, people will rise up and seek freedom once more. For now the couch potato classes have been lulled into a false sense of security. When the benefit system is a victim of total economic collapse, as it surely will be, then it will get ugly, not before. We had a glimpse in the UK riots of 2011. If the long overdue hot summer arrives in 2013, it could happen all over again. The State is now the front men of The Mafia, the bankers the bag carriers. Something has to give. That or the last vestiges of freedom could be gone for decades.

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