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Friday, 15 March 2013

Fear And Loathing.

My post today was to be with respect to the primary school place shortage and the failure of the media and in particular, as ever, the Paedophile HQ that is the BBC. However when I stumbled on this twitter account, Melvapud, which took me to the clip above, I was struck with the manner of its publicity and censorship as is done in the primary school article.

The bleeding heart fraternity is a global industry. Aided and abetted by charities, whose main weapon is the promotion of guilt for the success of white historical capitalism, these dominant figures hog the media spotlight. It thus follows the dogma that black brutality on white people is not racist and just desserts for the history of colonial settlement.

So the very fact that the UK cannot cope with mass immigration, that the present baby boom is predominantly from that source, as a quick look reveals. plus the genocidal effects of an overwhelmed NHS from the same direction, shows the paucity of this racist topsy, turvey world, to be identified with the worst of the nastiness shown in the film above.

Though tribalism is more often than not media highlighted in African and Middle Eastern countries, it is, of course, everywhere. So endemic are the DNA facets of human beings, this deep seated fact is one which proves we are not all the same under the skin and that all the worst traits of the barbaric side of our nature are peculiar to every race and colour.

From this angle, therefore, the deliberate mixing of races, throughout unfamiliar lands, is fraught with danger. Issues we are now witnessing, albeit suppressed, as shown in South Africa are now haunting the slums and alleyways of the UK and Western World's conurbations. Genocide was the foundation of the USA and ironically those founding fathers now find themselves under threat. As do we in The UK and parts of Europe. 

The left's self appointed, self opinionated dogma of ridiculous equality, brooks no factual evidence that might suggest their thinking flies in the face of the horrific reality we now see unfolding in that "Rainbow" Utopia imagery used to beatify Mandela. It came as a surprise to Oldrightie he wasn't in the smoky vote from Rome this week.

Now this post is not meant,(although I guess many of the blinkered Left will never accept anything but their own view), as a racist essay and attempt to portray the white supremacist attitudes which I find equally as horrible as the Black. Nevertheless, as the tent of only whites can be racist gains an ever increasing occupying grip, I fear for not only the abandoned and demonised Boers in South Africa but the very global survival of the white races and "tribes".

Why, when we observe the rapid descent into hell the African races seem to embrace, when any check that might be possible is lost, the complete destruction of White people is embraced so fervently by the Left and the Liberal idiots, escapes me. Again the attitude that somehow all whites are evil and all coloured people saintly and angelic innocents, is nonsensical.

Excuses are trotted out based on decades, or even century old ideas, of colonial cruelty, long gone. As we witness above, they have been long overtaken by many crimes listed in the film. We can also add to those Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao. Our notion of civilised society never survives Socialism, let alone Communism. 

Is not our present decline, throughout the West, indicative of this thinking? Is not, eventually, the dreadful state of affairs in the "Rainbow" Nation spreading throughout the Globe? With a particularly accelerated European rush? Are we destined to observe "Black" supremacy using their love of tyre necklace, petroleum infused spectrum ignition, to drive endemically into our own societies, the behaviour of perceived disadvantage and its spawned, unrealistic hatred? 

Sadly I believe we are well on the way. The resentment, not racist, feeling of indigenous populations is inevitable in all peoples who wish to protect their own lands, cultures and survival. That such feeling is manipulated by, mostly the Left, to gain political moral high ground is almost as nasty as the inverted racism it engenders. 

If you want to see this in action just note the spite and unpleasant, chip on the shoulder types like Ed Testicles and Bully Prescott. The Kinnocks and the Imelda Bliar. How quickly they embrace wealth and titles, once their diseased philosophy is given power. These types and their legions of misguided followers never really stop and contemplate that the horrors of South Africa and Mid-Staffs are both products of their philosophy and stupidity. 

White or coloured skin is irrelevant but its manipulation by either side is not. God help all forced to live under fear and loathing. Sadly, that includes us all. Especially when driven, by whatever means, from the roots and love of our own homelands.


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