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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Everything Comes In Threes.

So The Saying Goes.

Always cash for war. As for the title of this post, I am counting Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. Notwithstanding our lot have already luxuriated in the glow of apparent heroes' welcome. So if we accept the costly financial and life and death costs of Libya as a war, this exception proves that "everything but war" comes in threes.

That France and The UK are considering this intervention, despite the aftermaths of Iraq and Libya, soon to be paled into insignificance when Afghanistan goes nuclear, with the aid of Pakistan, my heart sinks. When you add the rather unappealing face of Hague fronting some Foreign Office underhand motive, it looks even more horrendous.

It really beggars belief that whilst our domestic economy lurches from one crisis of cash shortage to another, the clowns in charge seek expensive and dubious enterprises that are unwinnable and beyond debt. That we seek to overthrow Assad, yet retain the likes of the mid-Staffs butcher  is weird. Surely, Camoron's logic that his little helper, Nicholson, is the guy to sort out his own little holocaust, why not Assad the fella to do the same, in his very own neck of the woods?

Whatever this passion to burnish these wannabe despotic ventures of our very own tin pot leaders, the idiocy and ignorance, let alone their hypocrisy, is horrific and embarrassing.  Still, in a multi-cultural world of little allegiance or loyalty to ones fellow man, what can we expect. War for tribal supremacy in every corner of the Globe, thank you very much!

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  1. Common Purpose is evil15 March 2013 at 14:52

    Another great comment no lesson learnt from Iraq or Afghanistan but there are other interests here. Why would these fools Cameron and the French twit even think this is a good idea.