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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

EU Crumbles Ever So Slowly!

What Is The Point of Brussels?

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I wonder how much longer these crooks in Brussels can cling on!  It is often trumpeted by the fat cat beneficiaries of The EUSSR that this entire, misguided and pathetic political ambition for a Federal States Of Europe was all about "peace in our time"! Instead mumblings are beginning to grow that the very tenet of this lunacy is facing its very opposite outcome.

So, in this never ending climate of increasing pauperism of the once wealthy and affluent Northern economies, what do we observe happening? Nothing. All the tricks, deceits, subterfuges and failed, dismal political and banking alliances have achieved sod all. The only "miracle" is that the creeping malaise drags on so slowly with nobody with the cojones to cry "enough"!

None of us will ever feel well off ever again until the lunatics are locked away. Wind turbines destroying our world yet pretending its somehow saving it, whilst our energy security gets ever more sparse and threatened. "Green" is the new pollution as coal grows back into the centre of electricity generation and fracking stays ignored as an alternative.

Again the polluting environmentalists, (mental they surely are), continue to waste billions of tons of concrete and raw materials, mainly serving only to decapitate precious bird life. How quiet these loonies are on that aspect of "humans before all else", mentality. Every bit as fanatically wed to a notion as the "climate change" industry, regardless of the overwhelming evidence they are plain just farcical albeit dangerous.

Many of these ludicrous ideas are spawned and nurtured in Brussels and trotted out as legislation with little idea of their real impact. It is little wonder that The EU is in the recessionary mire. It will remain so long as only one central Bureaucracy is given a say in our lives. Just as in the USSR, the whole concept can never work as desired.

Sure, when The EUSSR eventually has it "wall" torn down many of the "socialists" who escape will be the next billionaires to colonise the capital cities of the World welcoming their stolen wealth. Instead of Russian names polluting the rich lists, it will be Northern Europe "Bliar" copy cats. Terrible thought but still preferable to the continued existence of their influence as it is right now.


  1. Common Purpose is evil14 March 2013 at 03:49

    We saw over the last few days the EU is to 'impose' Sunday voting on the UK.I was thinking in view of what you say in your blog how long before they 'impose' candidates on the UK,these would of course from EU approved parties.The UKIP of course would NOT be an approved party.