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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Centre Ground Politics.

As Beloved Of Cleggy, Bliar, Camoron, Milibad................

I do wonder why this kind of report gets barely a mention on the BBC or political stage. Yvette Balls whined a privileged way through the Absent Marr show, in a manner devoid of remorse or guilt for the mess we are in. Naturally, since mass immigration distorts the ability of authority to manage, so much is "got away" with. 

Sex trafficking, particularly of young children, feeds the monsters in power. The BBC alone a sponge of powerful interest soaking up any supply chain available, so their and the shady, behind the scenes covetousness, of this sickening state of affairs, gets little exposure.

How hushed the Savile, servile beneficiaries of that era. How slow the investigations into the  Elm House "VIP" regulars such as Leon Brittan. Here is that centre ground Clegg so adores. Not for him the discipline and responsibility, justice and punishment, of the right of politic's passion, for common sense and decency.

Rubbing the "rights' noses" in mass immigration and gross, unseemly multiculturalism, stains this centre ground in so many ways. Economically, socially and morally, we watch as this dogma that in all but name is really the hard left, messes up all it touches. Why do I say this? That link just another form of slavery and debauchery introduced by this cultural mix of misogyny and nastiness. A central theme of centrist thinking and wishy washy euphemism, costing so much misery and cruelty.

So, as the press forecast "wipe out" for The Tories just remember that we will still be left with this centre ground but it will quickly be trampled into an ever deeper cesspit of mud and filth. Only the labels will be switched to cover up and pretend there is something new. Part of which may well be Clegg wearing  more red than as of now. Plus a return to mass immigration and yet more human trafficking, to fund the next tranche of  IOUs, so easily issued by Labour. Happy thought.


  1. Common Purpose is evil11 March 2013 at 01:46

    'Yesterday it emerged that a convicted paedophile had become the first to have his name taken off the list by exploiting a human rights ruling'
    This of course is what the NWO/EU/CP want these slimeballs loose in the community and nobody knows who they are.

    Read more:

  2. What ghastly individuals CP afficiendos are, CPisE.