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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Can You keep Warm?

Global Warming Bites Ever Harder!

Richard is always an inspiration to Oldrightie. This morning is no different as he reminds us of the world's total opposite present climate extreme that "warmists" are deafeningly hushed about. Sadly I fear their mantra, seized on by chancers like Al Gore and that ever present canker, The EU, have done lasting damage to the very existence of the human race.

As politicians and wind turbine interests have laid waste the  countryside and blighted skylines, killed thousands of birds, many rare species included, poured billions of tons of unnecessary and pollution riddled concrete, we suffer the worst economic recession in history.

A recession and misery induced climate, pun intended, which offers little hope for a balanced decent future for our grandchildren. An Orwellian nightmare where nobody in power is ever brought to justice. We see this already. Add the likes of  war criminal Bliar, Huhne, Snotty, Balls et al, to crimes against humanity, let alone this EUSSR crowd and the climate scam looks more and more just that. Out and out fraud.

Note this story or so called "report" of today. Gas not petrol allows the BBC bias to detract us from their paedophile tendencies but still offers more of the same brainwashing. The analysis beggars belief as it flies in the face of reality.

Climate change week kicks off with the ridiculous notion that people are burning less petrol thanks to better fuel efficient cars. It ignores the fact, bar a brief nod, that it's too expensive due to tax and duty policies  which are prededicated on global warming. Yet in the same breath the morons castigates the population for trying to keep warm, in possibly the coldest February for years!

Again the energy market, note "market", gets away with murder, on the back of the green eyed fraternities hippy mentality, loss of perspective and reality. Also note when Parliament voted to reduce the number of MPs to be fed and warmed at Westminster they voted no way, to that saving of energy! 

American energy needs are thriving on a potential glut capable of marginalising the dominance of The Middle East's hold over The West. Without the dead weight of EU bureaucracy and their covetous greed of our North Sea oil riches and fracking reserves, plus their draconian and proven falsehoods connected to the "green" mantras of failed philosophy and doom saying, we could soar to a new wealth and contentment.

However, if we look at the usual boring and staid reactions to Eastleigh, we are left stuck in no man's land and stagnation. Of course, if we threw out the triumvirate of colluded failure that are the three "main" parties and took a flier with UKIP, who knows. We might even get a few years of peace and common sense. Just as we did after the second world war!

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  1. Viscount Rectum2 March 2013 at 18:14

    One thing that will kick our arse and theirs Jan 2014.