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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Budget Ground hog Day.

Just Different Language.

In all fairness 13 years of Socialist profligacy and debt could never be assuaged in a couple of years. So as George Osborne wrestles with a Treasury Department hell bent on protecting their ink wells and their empirical obsession with pen pushing, getting the Nation's books in order is a tall one.

He also has to watch the shambles and bank raids engineered by Berlin, through its very own pet poodles in Brussels. Those clowns continue to soak up tax and membership fees with gay abandon. For we Brits our loathing of the EUSSR monolith is not allowed a voice by the likes of Calamity Clegg and the paedo ring leader and all round master of the dark arts, Mandleson. 

On the latter's coat tails are hauled along Leon Brittan and the Kinnocks. All of them fifth columnists of the EU. No doubt supporters of the bank robbery being pushed in Cyprus. At least once their cash holdings there had been made safe from the men in hoop striped jumpers and slit masks, from Phlegm HQ! You may be certain that a few nods and winks ensured none of the favoured sons' accounts remained on that Island before the cars screamed up outside the banks and the shotguns were loaded.

So our George has quite a balancing act to do. If he has any sense he should hammer home how this mess and this dreadful banking fraud was not only permitted to become reality under Labour, they actually encouraged it. Such actions by a preceding Government ought by now to be disregarded, after approaching three years to address those glaring self interested actions. 

Just, however, remember, how we are burdened by mass and unsustainable immigration, unmitigated waste of billions and billions, illegal wars, NHS genocidal practices by Labour placement Trust Executives, some  still clinging to first class home visits. As our pockets are scoured and turned out to determine if any loose change has been hidden, stop and think. If it's bad now, how much worse would it be under another Labour regime? 

One which would happily embrace the Cypriot raid on their own citizens, if necessary, to further vote rigging and EUSSR diktats. Whatever this 2013 Budget brings, we should still raise a glass to the fact that it's not another Gordon Brown sleight of hand hiding the dealers behind it from Brussels. So, Mr Osborne, ignore your neighbour and his siren voices from Clegg's mob and go for your opponents and how they, not you, mortgaged irrevocably our grandchildren's future. 


  1. Viscount Rectum20 March 2013 at 17:41

    You mention Clegg,Brittain, Kinnock, Mandleson, this country will remain cursed until the Prince of Darkness himself is tried and hanged, yes he still loiters between the underworld and the BBC, evil incarnate BLIAR, the aforementioned are merely the scrapings from his foreskin.

  2. My Lord Viscount, whilst in full agreement with your general argument (paling, it must be said, at the earthy imagery invoked), do you not feel that Anthony Lynton's paymasters deserve a mention? Yes, he did their bidding and has been financially rewarded if morally bankrupted, but he is weak and easily persuaded ... what of the money men who commanded him?

  3. Viscount Rectum22 March 2013 at 10:08

    Yes agreed you know and I know who they are but I find that such naming will do little but add to the general inability of the population to grasp the enormity of the crime committed by Bliar, coping as they do with the dumping in their tiny minds the blizzard of problems just trying to exist. I read today of the rise in birth defects in Iraqi children, seeing the theatre in some large church with the usual criminals in attendance yesterday there is no hope , I felt faint with disgust.