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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


How They Hit The Spot.

One of the failings of our Orwellian media is the slavish and always perfect ability to miss the spot. Unlike, for OR, the picture above hits my spot, the media and its minions just don't do it.

I, like most bloggers, have a reading lust which in turn often points to other blogs which all, to a tee, "hit the spot". Even when they push leftie idealistic and dogma filled awfulness, integrity and belief in their cause is always apparent.

Not so the MSM. With the discredited HQ for paedophilia at the head of the columns, (pun intended), the smug, well paid and overly promoted likes of Stephanie Unmarried Flanders, seek to regale us with their ignorant, chip on the shoulder smugness. An attitude to all news is that it is about their presentation first and the audiences' needs and feelings, anger and despair not even on the horizon.

So, whenever a Cyprus or Jimmy Savile like news item breaks, if I want insight, truth, passion, argument and all round understanding to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, blogs are the cold beer on a hot day solution. Long may that be so.


  1. Well put, OR. If it wasn't for the relative sanity of many blogs, we'd be left relying on the BBC, who yesterday put-up a bloke purporting to be a scientist (and yet who refused to consider all the facts, questions and points of view, rendering him utterly unscientific, IMO) who was telling us of the dangers of man-made (what about women made?) CO2 that's gonna fry us all - on a day when the bollocks of a brass monkey would have seriously endangered.

  2. Many, many thanks, Gentlemen.