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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

As Yet, No Alternative.

We Must Break The Triumvirate.

It has to be UKIP.  I could have chosen any one of hundreds of politicians and/or EUSSR individuals, other than the one above. You know and suffer at the hands of so many. Milibad, Balls, Mandleson, NHS Nicholson, Cameron, Brown, Bliar, Hague, Clegg, Rennard. Over decades we have been ill served by them and their Whitehall, secretive bullies.

We can wring our hands and moan about Farage and UKIP until the cows come home but there really is no immediate alternative to break the stranglehold. Those who would wish change still rail against this new and vibrant party. The time for such bile and criticism is after the others are forced out of the centre glare of the spotlights.

The EUSSR controls everything and everybody wishing to gain personal, over National, advantage. It is a single factor which invades and bores into our lives like an insect. Once it's made its nesting holes, the timber is weakened. I see no other woodworm specialist to repair and renovate, outside of UKIP. Let that enterprise fail, for whatever reason and we really are finished, as a free and democratic Nation. One able to restrict mass immigration from the whole of Europe and beyond, initially, from Turkey.


  1. We know the EU is 100% backing Common Purpose. The problems in the NHS and that fool Cameron's refusal to sack that slug Nicholson is all because they are all CP.If proof was needed see this clip of MIke Farrar Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation.......

  2. "Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed"
    Is this not called ethnic cleansing in years to come people will say how did this generation sit by and let this happen.