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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Rotten World.

A General Run Through The Mess That Passes For Government.

"Ze plan for the new "final solution" is working well, Mein Herr.!

It was often believed that Common Purpose was a global grasping greed but it now would seem Frau Stazi is content, for now, with her European dominance. As for the sycophant and wannabe Camp Kommandant, Rompuy, words fail me. Just two of the fourth Reich's players, as a taster.

It may also be borne in mind the grip these two have on the miniature cojones of our UK politicians is not as funny as one would hope. As these pair and their fellow, smug, arrogant teams of acolytes grin and smirk over their nasty destruction of small nations, our Camoron plays pretend politics. He spouts forth rhetoric he can never hope to put into practice. His immigration stance a "poor player strutting and fretting upon the stage", if you'll forgive the mangled quote. 

One might also argue that, for all his faults the Macbeth character was a warrior. Which, is more than we can say of modern armchair warriors like Bliar and Camoron. Those pair happily preside over these terrible events in a manner designed to sweep them under a very smelly carpet. An art of housekeeping they excel at.

These kind  of issues illustrate the awful manner of our useless and weak leaders manipulate every day of our lives. Then there is this UKIP inspired waste of hot air. As for the Milibad siblings, all I can say is the sooner little brother sods of and joins big brother in the wilderness, the better. Of course clowns and buffoons being used as distraction tools is not the prerogative of one set of imbecilic, moronic groupings. 

The LibDums had Huhne and still cling to Calamity Clegg. As for what purports to be The Tory party, who better to distract attention from the economic thievery hurtling down the banker inspired railway to oblivion but this disappointment. 

For my soon approaching four score years and ten, Africa has failed dismally to be anything but a nightmare of evil, corruption and genocidal hubris. Mind you we are going the same direction. Get him togged up as a Black and White Minstrel and hey presto! His only difference from and African despot is he uses first class rail, rather than executive jets. Or, as in Vague Hague's place, RAF luxury travel. How some fruitcake "actress" and our very own Willy expect to make one iota of difference to that blighted, racially nasty Continent is anyone's guess. Nice distraction, as I mentioned.

Then we have Syria bubbling away, North Korea desperate to press a button to see what would happen and Obummer fast asleep as ever. It really does all beggar belief, this globalisation. All it seems to achieve is make ostensibly small local issues and problems gigantic and disproportionate. Just ask  the Cypriot people right now how they feel. I'm sure they won't be questioned in depth by the Paedo HQ reps from the BBC. 

Just as the BBC laud and praise Merkel, so they denigrate all who see her for the Stazi successor to old Adolf she is. The propaganda machine is about the only thing our Orwellian crew have got right. Were that to crumble, the euro would soon be seen for the abject failure it is. Sadly, fat chance.


  1. Things may be bad in South Africa but just wait until the saintly Mandela dies. He is the only one stoppng the maniacs. Any whites with sense have already left but where will the Boers go? They will find no welcome in Holland.

  2. Banned, (never here), I'd welcome them into the UK. Much rather they than Romanian NHS, benefit and economic plunderers.