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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Glimmer Of Light.

If We Can get Past The Paedo Doom Sayers Of The BBC.

I thought on this dark Maundy day which precedes the horrific crucifixion of Christ but erupts with the joy of the resurrection, I'd have a go at a little cheer for the Bank Holiday weekend! First that bunch of cretinous posers and dandies of the BBC. Tim Wilcox posturing in Nicosia thought he had a safe EU propaganda Cypriot MP to massage. Instead she laid into the corruption, nastiness and awfulness of the German led "rape", her word, of the tiny and defenceless Cyprus! 

Oh how this poseur of a dandy tried to hush her and failed. She made the point that this pillage of Cypriot accounts was an experiment on a small scale and a prelude to doing the same throughout Europe. So right but not then shown again, as the rolling and boring repetitive 24 hour stuff normally is! Joyous, for once.

Now for some further good news. Again you will not get this on a minute by minute basis on the Paedo Channel. Well, if Savile was still around you might get the odd "looky here then...". In the Reuters list, unusually for them, several good omens.

House prices recovering, which, if not falsely manipulated, as they were by Labour, is a good thing for all those hoping their home might be worth more than their debt, again. A large number of people no longer loved by the Left, as they once were when boom was the mantra hiding the eventual bust, of Snotty Gordon fame!

A safer vaccine for foot and mouth. A breakthrough which may prevent those horrific, Bliar dictated, animal pyres of yesteryears' 1.3 decade of utter incompetence. Then there is the North West Shetland oil potential to offset the rip off gas prices mentioned in the piece. Throw shale reserves and exploitation into that mix and we might yet debag the greed of the present gas monopolies.

Then we have the "consumer confidence" report. Despite all of the gloom and talk of cuts, people are still earning and the private sector versus non-productive sector imbalance is changing. It must take time, after 13 years of gerrymandering politics and the nastiness perpetrated by Labour. Yet, hey, if this goes on, Labour may be consigned to the backwaters and UKIP inherit a sounder economy, without the EU drag anchor to spoil it!

We can continue the theme with some support. That also includes the global economy. I would argue that the euro's demise that is coming sooner rather than later, has been discounted. That trading bloc basket case already modelled back into a deutschmark led revival of independent trading nations. Countries free to run their own unique requirements as necessary locally, not ridiculously, in a straight jacket fastened or loosened at the whim of Stazi Merkel, for her own ambition and hubris.

So, how's that for a brighter post for the Easter weekend? Normal service may be forced to return before the day is out but worth a try. Rule Britannia!


  1. "House prices recovering" is not such good news for those still living with their parents and seeing their chances of joining the Home Owning Democrracy receding yet further.

  2. If those parents could use equity to help those kids, rather than have it taxed from them, everybody would benefit.