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Monday, 4 February 2013

Yes, It Is Pleasing.

No Need To Gloat But..................

I rather hope this plonker of a duplicitous, climate change purveyor of my energy bills' soaring cost, gets more than an open prison charity bash to "rehabilitate" his deceitful lying behaviour. What arrogance and how he was massaged as "Huhne The Great" by Camoron and Clegg The Insignificant.

The utter stupidity of our political class, coupled with their bullying and cajoling of their families, tell us all we need to know as to why we are in the mess we are. Lying, cheating, murder and underhand nastiness is the norm. Our spooks little more than thugs for hire, devoid of any real sense of duty to Queen and Country.

As with this ghastly creature's downfall, we can but hope more is to follow from the paedophile hornet's nest opened up by Jimmy Go Heavily. If we can get many more evil "ess aitch one tees" toppled from an establishment, rotten to the core with cheating, predatory pederasty and expenses fiddling, from every corner of our rotten State, the world would improve exponentially.

There are many, many thousands of victims out there, now's the time to come forward. Let us seek out and clear out the Sir Humphrey control freak deviants and their puppets. Let's destroy the cancer that is Brussels and The EU undemocratic sickness pervading everything in our lives. Huhne was, in their minds, a powerful figure. He's gone, so must the rest. Particularly those like Mandleson, Snotty, Bliar and all those of similar arrogance who believe that they are bigger than the law. Not least that little, thieving creep, David Laws. Today we have seen one of their ilk broken. It can be done!

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  1. So he's a liar. By his own admission, a liar. So why should we think that he has not lied about anything else particularly with regard to his rancid energy policies? We shouldn't and they should ALL be re-examined at the earliest opportunity.