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Friday, 15 February 2013

Utter Technocrap.

Not Technocrat.

Some wag recently coined a word to portray what purported to be competent expertise in political management by bureaucrats. An EU euphemism for the secretive protection of such mindless, incompetent nonentities such as we have placed, by the last Government, throughout our Civil and Public services.

Our NHS is shown to be a perfect example of the manner of this undermining of our Nation, by the Left and their EUSSR Masters, which pervades our lives and our very mortality. Targets which place less urgent medical care before life itself and rides rough shod over any sense of decency or morality. This is the real "technocracy". 

One which permits its practitioners huge wealth in the manner of Bliar, The BBC's new favoured son, Purnell and the terrible Grim Reaper that is  this ghastly clown. This link highlights the technocratic style of cover up which uses our money to bribe silence from those able to tell how their little cartel of insider dealing, of the  Tarot Cards' life and death packs, are handed out.

Still Nicholson and his overpaid, over promoted child bride, together with another suspect leftie and over promoted failure of an NHS executive, blithely remain in their senior posts. Jobs at huge levels of remuneration for failings past. 

How we or any other nation in Europe can ever enjoy a decent life and safe environment, whilst the ability of the Establishment to close ranks, see many people die unnecessarily and even gain vast personal fortunes from blatant inability to care for others, is beyond me. 

We need a "Bonfire of the Vanities" all right. The burning of theses sacred cows, which operate at a level of vanity, secrecy, a greed for power and control of others. Untouchable, despite their predilections, paedophile rings, nepotism and above all else, incompetence. 

If they really are to be known as "technocrats", I suggest the word be seen as one meaning grasping, useless, selfish but untouchable, in their ivory towers of deceit.


  1. I'm just worried this mass murder by the NHS Common Purpose scum gets forgotten in a few days. Just something of interested to CP followers last item I commented about Cameron was going to open the door to Indian students to come and stay in the UK.
    I found this where he has been addressing a CP meeting in India.
    See here...June 2010.

  2. RIP my country, I weep for you. If I could turn back the clock pre-New Labour era I would.

  3. I tried to engage with my own (Labour) MP and Nu-Labour ideologies. I pointed out that it appears that the more government interferes, the less we progress, and that the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln – a man whose pearls would be of huge benefit for us all, if only someone could enact them – was in contradiction to those of her party.

    The reply was obviously an attempt to fob me off, saying that Labour followed Lincoln’s ideals; here is one example I countered the argument with:

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.” Another principle that has long been a staple of Labour has been the desire to “redistribute” wealth from the rich to the poor (unless, of course, the enriched person is one of the upper echelons of the Party).

    Obviously eager for debate, this was the response: “Thanks for your further email. Clearly we are not going to agree but thanks for expanding on your own views.”

    Another reading of this could be: “Shut up and stop bothering me.”

    It would appear that any sort of argument cannot be intelligently answered; perhaps Common Purpose does not allow for debate. With this level of concerned contempt for the proletariat ensure that situations like Mid-Staffs will continue, and worsen.

    Radical Rodent

  4. I sent the details of Cameron's speech at Common Purpose India to a friend he replied the site is down I just checked it is.
    These scum don't want the truth coming out.