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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Stazi reign Supreme.

It's Much Sooner Than I Expected.

The face of oppression is shown above but the scarier face is hidden in the link. Here is a guy full of common sense putting urgent medical care before less pressing and life threatening patients. This flew in the face of the Socialist propaganda target machine and its desire for power and control.

Their procedure, under Bliar and his cohorts, not least the Strangelove of modern politics, Nose Excavator Gordon Loony, was to bring in mass immigration on the promise of instant health care. Labour placements in Education, Police, The NHS and town halls were given a modus operandi of State before citizen. In this they were and are aided and abetted by Brussels and its unelected Commissioners.

I have blogged incessantly on the endemic corruption of the modern age to little avail. The "ordinary" idiots, brainwashed by the BBC and Labour's left wing, storm troopers of the mind and purveyors of banality to the masses, are brain dead. Now the corruption, the manipulation and the despotic State, centred in Brussels, are getting ever bolder in their presentation of the real agenda.

It looks ever more likely the so called economic disaster is a tactic to subdue a whole Continent of people. First hook them on perceived riches and everlasting playtime then blow the whistle to bring them to heel. Along the way the real job of governance, the protection of a civil society, goes walkabout. The corruption behind the food processing industry, the banks, the shadowy civil servant Stazi members, all combines in an awful dictatorship.

Such is the might and power grab of The EU, little is left to fight against it. This brave man at the beginning of this post, linked to, may yet suffer a Dr Kelly moment, such is the nonchalant manner of the powerful but secretive elite. Our politicians are useless and redundant. The headless chicken antics of Owen Patterson, as described by Richard , are a perfect encapsulation of their ineffectiveness in the face of their EU bosses.

His rushing about is similar to the target culture behind the NHS collapse. A less than important "patient", that is a national politician, is given priority to mask the serious lack of attention to matters required to be kept hidden. The manner in which criminality was immediately introduced as a cause of the food scandal hid the fact that it's really the laissez faire approach of The Stazi, to the welfare of its minions and "little" people.

Let's be clear on this. The NHS evil is a socialist edict to help them appear the only governing elite of choice. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are part of a global dominance sought by this same "common purpose". I am amazed at the speed with which Southern Europe has fallen to their planning and how close behind are the rest of us. Scandal no longer brings down significant bureaucratic structures. 

A prime example of this is this communist sympathiser. He is one of a huge army. Whistle blow his ilk and you'd better beware. By the same token anybody calling out the Brussels and their Mafioso friends, behind the food debacle, can expect a "horses head" warning. It's all come so much sooner than I expected. 

It won't be long before blogging will fall to the power behind Common Purpose. The  legislation is in place and the Stazi, in the guise of the of The EGF are already in the thick of it! The day is soon to come when we will relish meat of any kind rather than starve. This guy below was caught trapping rats without permission. Horse meat soon to be the preserve of only the EU Commissioners pals.


  1. Bring it on
    WAR with Highland Council

    Preemptive WAR
    The Scottish Government

    The Scottish Government are now surrounded by Taxpayers.

  2. Did you see today that idiot Cameron is saying students from India can come freely to the UK and stay. Off course for every one add another 10 relatives. Yes its over for the UK sometimes I glad I wont be around to see it but I now wonder will it come sooner then I think. We have the Romanian and Bulgarians coming in their millions in December. A few days ago Westminster council were putting up asylum seekers in a 5 star hotel and we wonder why the scum of the world wants to come here.

    1. Cameron is as mad as a box of frogs, there must be something about that No10 building.

    2. Cameron is only following orders, Bliar still runs the show.

  3. The paedophile son of actor Ronnie Barker has been freed just 13 weeks after being jailed and is expected to receive an inheritance of more than £1.4million.
    Got only 1 year out in 13 weeks next step Cameron will be making it legal and I'm not joking.

  4. Any Idea where that header pic was taken?