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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Such A Let Down.

So Banal.

The disappoint drags on with Camoron. As delusional as ever Snotty was. In The Nose Picker's case, however, we never really held any false ideas. We were always pretty certain he was and remains, a shady and mentally deranged lunatic with some very unsavoury old bones in various cupboards. 

Now, like The Boy's idol, that lying and hypocritical Bliar, Camoron goes, or more accurately, lurches from one bandwagon to another. Constantly failing to make the smallest nod in the direction of a manifesto which was never more than spare toilet paper for his minions.

Many mainstream commentators are already observing his stolen time in Office as a waste of all this Nation ever stood for. Like the last two self obsessed crooks, Bliar and Brown, Camoron is proving every bit a huge disappointment. A man devoid of judgement, easily swayed by his Mandarins and the sycophants from the Toff school of political privilege. 

As with the last Labour disastrous Government we drift aimlessly on the tide of EU mission creep, already drowning in legislation from Brussels we never asked for, never wanted and even more importantly, ever needed. Yet this unelected blot on the landscape dreams up and pushes ever more rubbish. 

He is borrowing even more money than the Lunatic before him whilst we little people watch our roads crumbling beneath us. Our public services and infrastructure decay. Our bankers and politicians become even richer than when they were fiddling expenses and LIBOR rates, respectively, to line their own pockets as they emptied ours.

Two commentators, Letts and Heffer, just this week, have both expressed revulsion at the Westminster farce populated by Hogarth like players in regard to their debauchery, shameless hypocrisy and sheer unpleasantness. From all sides of the political spectrum we see mirrored the corpulent and sleazy arrogance they allow so deeply to be ingrained in a class devoid of any moral scruple.

Despite all the horror of the Ed testicles, the Milibad sibling ghastly pair and the preening dwarf that is Bercow, Camoron stands head and shoulders above them all, including the last Prime Mentalist and his deeply weird Cleggeron. At least Snotty was stark, staring bonkers. I guess the best we can say of Follicle Losing Camoron is he's well educated but still as thick as you can get.

As for integrity. What's all this "gay marriage" idiocy? Overseas aid slavish adherence, when we have our own ghettoes and food bank centres in desperate need. As for military spending, that's more directed at running down the armed services as  I posted on just recently. Wherever we shine our gaze on this disappointment of a Prime Minister, all we light up is his banality and boring predictability in always going where his minders in Whitehall direct him.

Since those mandarins are in turn no more than agents of the bent EU Commissioners,  it's little wonder our aimlessness is led by such a man. One might argue Camoron is the perfect fall guy for the job, where Brussels is concerned. More likely to dupe the electorate than the rampant Labour Europhile happy campers. Still, unless UKIP can make a massive break through, anything else we get will be identical, apart from the team colours. Even those all morphing into blue and gold traitors' emblems, ere long.


  1. What is there left to say? You are, as always, right on the money; it saddens me that your are preaching to the choir - Dancing in the Jungle on Stilts is so much more entertaining - and a bloody sight easier - than thinking, after all is said and done.

    F*cked, b*ggered? You bet your life we are.

  2. When I look at Cameron I see another European Union technocrat.

  3. He also proves more then anything else voting for any of these clowns in these 3 parties will change nothing.

  4. The Gay marriage issue will finish Cameroid and are those two holding each others willies, from their record they both squirt potato juice.

  5. Sod me what do you expect when one of the reasons he was put up for the job is that he's a pretty boy, good looking in a camp way, appeals to the female vote, bloody rags commenting on his youthful looks.

    Experience honour integrity trustworthy resolute reliable resourceful steadfast and a myriad of other things we should really be looking for in our potential leaders, but oh no he looks so young and he's a family man, oh goody we'll let the pretty boy be captain of the Titanic then shall we.

    Jesus wept.


    1. You did not mention he only has a two inch willie so he's good for fuck all