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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sport And Rigging.

Not Football Crazy, Crazy Football.

What a world we live in. Common Purpose in bed with meat fraudsters, Mafioso drug barons and probably betting scam artists from around the globe. That's before we start on The NHS or The EU crooks in charge of billions and happy to squander every penny in pursuit of their own greed. 

To discuss betting fraud and Nicholson in the same post might seem a vague and tenuous link but I regard it as two examples of the lack of decency and standards in modern Britain. Nicholson, a man guilty of presiding over the suffering and death of hundreds of patients still strides his Empire with a nonchalant air, oblivious as to the horror and hatred felt by his victims and their families. Not only that but the Establishment have closed ranks and spirited him off the news headlines.

So, to soccer, as the Yanks prefer to call it. Millions follow it. Passionate supporters see it as their one supreme pleasure in a grey and miserable life. Nevertheless it is populated by an awful lot of unpleasant individuals. Alex Ferguson possibly one of them. A boot hurling, misogynistic, thug and ogre of a manager. I suspect he and many of his ilk are heavily involved in all kinds of coaching techniques and diving board behaviour. Some dangerous, others just utterly cheating and deceiving.

Now I don't follow the game avidly but have a soft spot for my home town, West Bromwich.Well, before it became an immigrant outpost of the Asian and Caribbean hordes now occupying that wasteland of old factories and industries. So when following an "unfashionable" team it is often more apparent when bias, from the commentators' boxes and the match officials, is on show.

As it was last evening. A penalty of a somewhat questionable decision seemed to have paved the way for the referee's "tip" to be a generous one and the syndicates payouts on a Liverpool win guaranteed. Ben Foster's, (the WBA goalkeeper), save, was probably not bet on him making! Nor was the visiting side expected to upset the entire apple cart with a closing minutes headed goal.

No matter, just add five minutes onto the match time and allow Liverpool to pop a couple of late goals and the syndicates will be happy. How that five minutes came about is beyond me. However the underdogs had one more bold trick up their sleeves in the shape of a gifted loan player, Lukaku. With barely a minute to go he scored a brilliant solo effort to destroy the home side and silence the baying Anfield crowd.

That win must have hurt a lot of people in the betting world. It's not just the betting fraud, either. How easy it must be to rig gate receipts and launder money, let alone the massive deals done in transfer markets. Are ticket prices so high in order to match the requisite dirty money laundering? It's surely possible. I suspect a similar merry-go-round in many other sports and in particular Formula One. Our Bernie's billions have to be questionable, every bit as much as those in football.  

Sadly, when politicians and those who ostensibly are meant to serve, dismantle the moral compasses once used for navigation, what can we expect? When Nicholson goes untouched by his arrogant and greedy superiority over the very lives of most of us, what can we expect. When EU imports might be lethal but we cannot stop them, what can we expect? When redundant, by the EU, MPs call for 30% plus salary increases and ever more favourable goodies from their sweet trolleys, what can we expect?

I suppose the only thing we can cling to is that from the Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah happened in the past as did the fall of The Roman Empire. At least the gladiators of the football arenas aren't killing each other, for public gratification and blood-lust. Well not yet, that is.

If we wonder where we are headed then let me close by directing you to a film, loaned to me by a dear friend. Many shrug their shoulders and query "So what" when the EU flies the flag for a totalitarian and corrupt State and future. A North Korean environment, where only the hierarchy's teams are allowed to win matches and officials are under pain of death if they allow "unwanted" sides to score. The film The Lives Of Others. No coincidence it's set in 1984. Nor that The EU's real boss is Angela Merkel! Still we can escape all that and enjoy an open, innocent and exciting game of football, can't we?


  1. Between 1968 and 1971 managed a few visits to The Hawthorns. Another time and another world.

  2. Manchester United's manager, "old strawberry nose" I love hearing him speak, I have fits of laughter, never understand a word he says, but he stays on my mind long enough to make life bearable

    1. It takes more than he to do the same for me, VR!

    2. Spend your life on gloom and doom, cant laugh at at a politician,old strawberry nose comes on and we listen to his meaningless drivel looks like a piss head and its all taken so seriously. I'm just waiting for his teeth to drop out during an interview.

  3. OR

    Another thought provoking post, thanks. Slightly of topic, have you seen this:
    People need to know.

    1. Great "hat" tip, NC, thank you on two counts.